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Meanwhile, Vanessa has impaled herself on something. We see her announce in her interview, "Houston, we have a problem." Wow, that line never gets old, huh? The sewing needle, it seems, snapped and was stuck in her finger. Now, half of the needle is stuck in her finger and they can't get it out. Kara Saun tells someone to get Austin's tweezers. I hope she means his cosmetic tweezers, because that's a beautiful thing. Show full of fashion-designing women and who's got the eyebrow tweezers? That's right: Mr. Austin Scarlett. Plus, they save lives. Austin, clearly not trusting anyone with his beauty tools, runs to the sewing room himself, clutching his kit. As Austin starts to perform surgery on Vanessa, who is looking pale and like she's about to bleed out (I love the phrase "bleed out." Maybe people could use that instead of "Houston, we have a problem." "I'm bleeding out"? ...I'll keep thinking), Robert is acting puppy-like and standing too close to the proceedings. He's creating a shadow over Vanessa's finger. Austin and Kara Saun tell him to go away. Austin carries it a step further and tells Robert to leave the room, lightly pushing him as he is saying it. Robert is in the way, but they are being a little dramatic. Robert relays pretty viscerally that Austin is being dramatic. By that, I mean, he's talking and I don't really understand the words, but I get the meaning. Austin then explains that Robert was being clumsy, and that, as Austin was asking Robert to back off, he -- uh oh, they're showing this in slow motion -- apparently pushed Robert. They are, in fact, showing the moment I just described five sentences earlier, but they need to talk about it some more. Robert kind of mocks Austin in his interview: "'Rob, just leave the room NOW.'" Then, he says he told Austin not to push him again. Austin explains via interview (I'm sorry I keep writing that word, so much. Every sentence they speak in real-time is punctuated by their interview interpretation of the thing they said a moment earlier. Just trying to convey that) that he didn't feel as if he violently pushed Robert. Robert tells Jay that he is going to "bitch-slap" Austin. Austin jokes that he is "bigger and stronger" than Robert is. Girls, you're both pretty. In other news, Vanessa lives. We see, amidst the Austin/Robert Push Expo '05, that Kara Saun has extracted the needle from Vanessa's bloody paw. It's a little disgusting.

Nora is still in the hallway, and she has LOST HER MIND. It seems that we were actually present for the conversation that created this explosion. I had assumed that they edited the part where Kevin tied her shoelaces together or something. No. Nora is mad because Kevin "has been in and out and he's been fumbling over things and just kind of, like, being very strange to me. And, I really think he's [bleep]ing with me. I have my eye on him." Oh my god. ParaNora then enters the Workshop and apologizes to Kevin. Then, she starts obsessing over the missing pattern piece. She chatters that she thinks it was stolen. Everyone hears her and is immediately annoyed. Kara Saun points out (in an interview) that people always think that something was stolen, instead of the more likely possibility that they've misplaced whatever it is. In the Workshop, Vanessa whispers to the others that she doesn't think anyone is stealing. In an interview, she likens the scene to "being in a total nut farm."

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