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Kevin and Nora are shown heatedly discussing aspects of the project. I don't see Alexandra anywhere. Maybe she's sunning herself on the roof of Parsons. Nora is pressuring Kevin to pay more attention to time. Austin says in an interview that Nora is being really difficult and has gone so far as to disagree with Kevin's actual design, which he reminds us "is really up to Kevin, as the head designer of the team." Austin delivers this in such a way as to suggest that he has grown infinitely more comfortable with the idea of telling his fellow designers what to do. Jay seconds that Nora had a hard time processing that Kevin was in charge of the design. We hear her sigh, "We're gonna lose this competition." Kevin replies, "Thanks." This reminds me of when Kevin was so mean to sad Starr.

Jay's team is moving along smoothly. He mentions that Kara Saun is very helpful. Robert, he says, is just along for the ride. We see Jay at one of those infernal sewing machines at Parsons (which never seem to work properly); Robert is standing over him, not helping. Jay says that Robert is a great talker. Worker? Not so much. At the sewing machine, Robert has the energy of a boy with his chemistry set. He keeps fidgeting with the machine, practically giving Jay the vapors.

At 10:30 PM, an hour and a half before the workday is over, Alexandra and Nora realize that they can't find a pattern piece. Nora goes from calm to ape shit in like 0.5 seconds. Kevin comes in, and there's tension. He and Nora start bickering. They disagree about how long something will take to complete, and Kevin remarks, "I coulda had the skirt already done." This vaguely accusatory comment makes Nora all "I'm outta here," and she's out. Kevin tries to stop her. I'm not sure how much heart he's putting into his plea for Nora not to leave the workshop, since he never puts much oomph into anything he says. Ever. Nora goes into the hall, where she tells an innocent cameraperson, "I came here to compete. Not to be [bleep]ed around with by somebody." Like Oprah would say, if you're fighting about making the bed, you're not really fighting about making the bed. In other words, why is Nora so mad? It doesn't seem like any of the comments we saw were incendiary enough to create this kind of reaction. I guess we can chalk it up to the sleepless, pressured existence of the reality-show contestant. Even then, Nora is acting like someone just slapped her mom. Commercials.

Austin lets us know that it is now 11 PM, an hour before they have to leave the workshop. We see Austin giving Wendy Pepper an encouraging hug. Wendy shows Austin the work she has done on the bodice of the design, and Austin seems pleased with it. It doesn't look that impressive at this point, nor does it resemble the French Revolution idea he was selling. It's really not done at all yet, so let's save judgment for later. Austin gives Wendy a peck on the cheek after she shows him her work. Really, he's being so nice to her. How could she be so nasty about him in her interviews?

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