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Tim Gunn tells the designers that each group will have a $150 and an hour to shop for supplies. As well, they must plan on the go. What's the rush, Tim? Sarah Hudson isn't going anywhere. And, by that, I mean she's going nowhere, save the $1.99 bin.

In the Workshop, the teams strategize. Jay's team seems happy. We hear Jay tell Robert that his job will essentially be running errands. Austin says that Sarah really likes "poof." Well, she's in the right place, then. Vanessa complains again about not being able to sew. So learn, woman! Jesus H., you could have knitted a pool cover with all the time you've wasted complaining about not being able to sew. Kevin's group seems together. When Kevin expresses a little anxiety about the challenge, Nora assures him that she "never, ever forgets details." I'm sure those words will come back to haunt her.

After the short planning session in the Workshop, the teams are off to shop. Jay explains that he is indeed treating Robert like a "slave." Which, as a premise, has a lot of promise. Nora says she thinks she and Kevin will make a good team. Kevin says something that I have to replay three times because he mumbles so damn much. He will be using Nora for her stylistic perspective. Was that so hard, Marble Mouth? Wendy and Vanessa go to pick out threads and trimmings. Vanessa is thinking outside of the box and trying to foresee any needs they may have overlooked. Wendy wants to get only what Austin has asked for. In an interview, Wendy says that Vanessa is questioning Austin's vision. That's bullshit, Wendy. She's just trying to help. We see another moment where Vanessa wonders if they should purchase a particular fabric to assist with hemming their garment. Wendy doesn't even reply, which visibly disturbs Vanessa. Vanessa nails Wendy in an interview for not wanting to speak up because she is too busy wondering if that will help or hurt her in regards to elimination.

Back at the workshop, Austin voices, to his team, his distress at having to direct the other designers. Sure, Austin is a big ol' nelly ham, but his emotions seem rather authentic. Of course, Wendy harps in her interview that, had her design been chosen -- which, might I add, Windy Pooper, it wasn't, because you wanted to dress the girl as a mixture of Anaïs Nin, Bettie Page, and Jenna Jameson; though, put that way, it sounds kind of sexy (even if Wendy would have still made her look like the mother of the bride that all of her designs resemble) -- she wouldn't care what her assistant designers thought. I really apologize for the train wreck that was that last sentence, but, folks, I've turned a corner. I officially hate Wendy Pepper. I tried to hold out, to be fair. But...she is my worst nightmare. I can't stand people like her. It's less about any specifically evil thing she has done and more about the state of dementia in which she drifts that allows her to be so damn nasty all the time and yet still believe that everyone around her has it easier or better than she does. Have you forgotten, Wendy, that they have to spend time with you? That's a fate worse than wearing your design for the first challenge. Seriously though, Wendy is acting so disgusted that Austin would actually be so callow as to care about her fucking rotten hollow feelings. She continues being nasty as Austin and Vanessa discuss the design. I would totally put up with Daniel Franco now instead of Wendy. I wish Wendy's bliss was in the Hudson River and she had to follow it there. This is a perfect time for Jay to announce in an interview that sometimes, when working in groups, people might not get along.

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