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Vanessa's idea is a merger of an old-school pin-up girl and Marilyn Manson. That sounds like the potential offspring of Manson and Rose McGowan, had those crazy kids been able to make it work. It's just too sad.

Nora's idea is simple, yet evocative: "A girl ran through a chandelier." Sounds good, but why stop at a chandelier? Nothing's too good for our Miss Hudson -- I say make it a sliding glass door.

Kara Saun has a wealth of research with her. I'm talking a lot of sketches and found pictures. Her idea is "debutante gone bad," which Sarah Hudson thinks is perfect. Or, so she says.

After some deliberation time (as well as a quick edit reminding us that we are in the Parsons School of Design), Tim Gunn lines up the designers. This is the first time I notice that Vanessa is sporting a hedgehog hairstyle. It's like Princess Leia do, but really messy. Somebody got in a fight in the L'Oreal lab. Tim explains that Sarah has chosen three designers. The three chosen designers will each choose a team from the remaining designers. The teams will work on creating the design conceived by the chosen designer, and the finished designs will be judged. Sarah chooses Jay, Austin, and Kevin. They each give Sarah a hug, and Kevin says "I thought I was too soft-spoken" so softly that it has to be subtitled. Kara Saun says in an interview that she thought Sarah liked her design, but from experience, she has noticed that female artists often choose male stylists. Hmmm. You know, I think she has a pretty good point. Both Kara Saun and Nora had fleshed-out, exciting ideas. Jay and Austin both really sold their ideas, so they aren't an issue, but Kevin? Maybe Sarah took his whispery baby talk as quiet confidence. If he had been a woman, though, I think that he would have been perceived as lacking in confidence. Also, I'm noticing that Kevin is a mouth breather.

The choosing of the teams: Tim Gunn has Heidi's black velvet button bag. He's pulling buttons to see in what order the teams will be chosen. Kevin is first. He's wigged by the idea of choosing. His first pick is Nora. Jay chooses Kara Saun, whom he calls the "sewing bunny." Austin chooses Wendy Pepper. Kevin's second choice is Alexandra. Jay now has to choose between Robert and Vanessa. Vanessa seems bothered. Memories of being chosen last for cricket teams in ye olde gym class, eh Vanessa? Jay chooses Robert, and Austin quickly hugs Vanessa to welcome her to his team. Jay mentions in an interview that Vanessa makes a habit of talking about her poor sewing skills. Vanessa, as well, acknowledges in her interview that she probably turned everyone off with her "can't sew" stories. Austin explains that Vanessa was left over and that he ended up just "gitting" Vanessa. Suddenly, I'm feeling as if New York City was not Austin Scarlett's birthplace. Then, we see Wendy, in an interview, delivering the party line of "this is a competition" and how Vanessa is "vulnerable." Then, she says that Vanessa's elimination would "unfortunately" be to Wendy's own advantage. Now, this is presented as one of Wendy's evil moments, but she is only stating the obvious. It would be to everyone's benefit but Vanessa's if she were eliminated. Sometimes, I feel that Wendy's mortal flaw is her uncoolness. Granted, that's generally considered a greater crime in the fashion community than most things, like -- I don't know -- say, arson or mail fraud. For that matter, I guess you can throw in animal cruelty and illegal child labor. But Wendy still hasn't exhibited any actual evil behavior. Either the producers know something that we don't know yet...which, of course, they do. I mean, maybe they're setting us up for Wendy Pepper's evil coming-out party.

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