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Everyone starts sketching their ideas in order to show them to Sarah. They're all pretty good, despite the puerile confines of Sarah Hudson's "look." Jay says in an interview that he is going to pitch his design as something from the year 2040, because no one knows what anyone will be wearing then anyway. It gives Jay license to bullshit Sarah. I love that Jay is talented enough that he can call his idea "bullshit" yet know that it will still rock. Sure, we're talking about this episode in retrospect (and therefore the majority of people reading this knows what the outcome is), but does anyone have any doubt that it will look good? You know it's going to.

Austin is the first shown pitching his idea to Sarah. He mentions a blend of a decaying Victorian doll with Little Bo Peep. It has been a long time since I've written or said "Little Bo Peep." It's a really weird-looking phrase.

Alexandra -- who, it must be mentioned, is wearing a top that is both bulky and inappropriately revealing at the same time -- tells Sarah that she wants to mix corsets and hardware.

Robert, who is wearing a "Reality TV Runner-up" t-shirt, tells Sarah that he wants to make a tie-dyed t-shirt for her. Maybe hers can just read "Reality Runner-up." Robert tells Sarah that his ideas are "graphic Edwardian" "controlled out-of-control" and "circus." He presents all but the last of these ideas with an up-talking delivery, making them sound like he is asking her questions. He says in an interview that he doesn't want to be mediocre "anymore." Sarah seems really excited by the circus idea.

Wendy tells Sarah that she wants to create "classic, erotic, pornographic" lingerie. Some -- I'm not going to get into it, but some -- would say that those three adjectives describe three totally different types of lingerie. I'm calling bullshit on Ms. Pepper, but I think it's justifiable bullshit. She couldn't care less about someone like Sarah Hudson.

Jay sells the shit out of his idea. He sounds totally in charge and says that the "multi-media" skirt on his design will be removable like a seatbelt. Sarah's drooling. Jay says in an interview that an assignment like this is totally in his comfort zone. Then, he adds that Sarah Hudson "totally wants to fuck [him]." That's a beautiful moment, people. Jay has this thing...I can't easily describe it. It's a quality that only the greatest reality-show denizens seem to share. It's sort of part provincial, part Dorothy Parker. The closest example I can think of right now is Julie from the first season of The Real World. (That's not the best example, but it'll do for now.)

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