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Heidi tells the designers that they will be pitching ideas to this beast, and asks them if they have any questions for Sarah. Nora asks her if she is planning on keeping the same look she had in the video. Sarah replies, "Yeah, I think something sexy, but girly. Kind of little-girl-gone-crazy, but, you know, classy at the same time." Man, you're a real fucking original, aren't you, Sarah Hudson? How did you get a record deal? I'd say the most she can hope for is having a song picked up to play for six seconds during an episode of Next or some shit. By the way, Nora seems totally incredulous as she is asking Sarah that question, so I think she was bullshitting in her interview. There's no way she is inspired by that girl. Then, Austin tells Sarah that he really loved the Alice in Wonderland motif apparent in the video. These guys are getting desperate, because that seems really uncharacteristic of him. Is Austin usually a kiss-ass? Well, he has a measuring tape wrapped around his neck like a scarf, so we've made up. However, Sarah Hudson's reply is the most annoying thing I've heard on this show up to this point. It trumps Daniel Franco's follow your bliss speech as well as...Daniel Franco's Picasso/Duchamp pile of crap: Sarah says, "Yeah, I mean [scratching head], definitely Alice in Wonderland is like the epitome of, you know [hands outstretched for emphasis], lost little girl in this, like [hands near head for emphasis], crazy environment." I'm not exactly sure why this so enrages me. It might be because arguably each one of the designers is infinitely more talented than Sarah Hudson. And, they are pitching ideas to her. That's wrong.

Sarah Hudson leaves the stage, and it is time to choose models. All of the models enter wearing their black slips. Melissa says in an interview that she is getting more worried with each successive model choosing, because she does not want to go home. Wendy gets to choose first, and chooses Morgan. Robert has to choose the last model again, and Josiane is eliminated. She starts crying, and Robert looks so upset. The models hug her backstage. I think I heard some bones cracking. Good luck, Josiane!

Next, we see the designers at the Project Runway Workshop at Parsons. Tim Gunn tells them that each designer has five minutes to pitch an image makeover idea to Sarah. He wants them to expire her. Pardon me. My mistake. He wants them to inspire her. (Wishful thinking on my part.) When Tim tells the designers that they will only have a day to finish the design, everyone is shocked. SHOCKED! Tim tells them, "It's called 'make it work.'" I find that infantilizing and titillating at the same time. Damn this confusion, Tim Gunn!

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