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Wendy says that Austin "could have done a better job at leadership." Austin very quickly turns his to the side to glare at Wendy. Luckily, his matador costume includes a thick black lace ascot, which undoubtedly saved him from the whiplash that should have resulted from this move. He interviews that "that is complete bullshit," because Wendy never asked him any questions. Vanessa says that she would choose herself as the weakest link, because she is the worst sewer. Vanessa interviews that she knew she was fucked as soon as the "verbal diarrhea" came out of her mouth. Before he chooses, Austin says that he felt he was a good leader. Then, he chooses Vanessa because she can't sew. He does say that she is inspiring and talented, which is nice.

The judges deliberate. Sarah loves Kevin's design. Michael Kors agrees that Kevin's design is image-conscious. Sarah says that Austin's design is not the color they discussed, nor is the hair the same as they had agreed on. Meanwhile, Vanessa is comforting a crying Austin backstage. Michael Kors is disgusted that Vanessa would call herself out. He says that you have to find a way of making yourself the strong element of the team. Nina Garcia announces, "This is a competition." Backstage, Nora is ready to pack her bags. It sounds like she'll go nuts on the judges if they eliminate her. Michael Kors voices the audience's confusion about the disintegration of Kevin's team. Something happened besides what we saw and what they told the judges. Backstage, Nora and Kevin are bickering. Nora says that Kevin could not have finished without her, and he says that he would have finished faster without her.

The designers having come back onstage, Sarah chooses the winning design: Kevin's. He is the winner of the challenge. Nora looks really unhappy. Wendy is "in." Alexandra is "in." Austin is "in." He's really relieved. Nora and Vanessa are left. Heidi says that Vanessa sold herself short, and Nora cracked under pressure. Nora is "in." Heidi tells Vanessa that she essentially eliminated herself by calling herself the weakest. Her reply? "Can I go now?" Heidi practically has to tackle her on the runway to get a handshake and say "Auf Wiedersehen."

Vanessa interviews very nakedly, "I don't know what to say. I guess I fucked it up." Austin has thrown himself on a sofa and is sobbing backstage. Vanessa just kind of looks at him. After Jay gives her a kiss on the cheek, she says, "I feel like I should be singing, but I'm not quite sure what to sing." That's actually a pretty beautiful thing to say. I don't know why, really. It seems like something said at the end of an old-school weeper movie. Vanessa concludes that she is really disappointed she didn't make it to Fashion Week. There's always Houston Fashion Week. I think it's the first week of February at the Galleria.

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