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Erin is modeling Jay's design. The corset bodice described earlier is being worn over tight black pants cut at the calf. There's a skirt that essentially creates bustles on both hips. It's brightly colored and shredded. When Erin reaches the end of the runway, she removes the skirt like a belt (just like Jay described in his pitch to Sarah). The pants beneath are very slim and black with buckles and little asymmetries all along them. Pretty cool. I'm remembering that someone mentioned on the forum that Sarah Hudson does not have the body to pull off this design. Whoever that was, you were right. You have to have pretty skinny legs to pull off pants cut tightly on your calf. As well, they are just a really slim fit altogether. It's a pretty hard outfit for anyone to really sell. Erin look good, though. When she turns around, we see really cool stitching on the back of the bodice. It looks like there's some sort of shamrock on her ass as well. Her hair is cornrowed on the right side, as Jay had earlier requested. She has a multi-colored bouffant piled high on her head. The interest of her makeup is a bright red, shiny lipstick and silver eye color. Kara Saun interviews that she, Jay, and Robert had a nice dynamic together.

The judges are tabulating scores. Heidi is just staring at one of those Project Runway judge's cards. I guess it's not in her contract that she has to write. Jay, Kara Saun, and Robert are dismissed, because Jay's design is neither first nor last. It's first in my book, Jay!

Kevin and Austin and their teams are left on the runway. Austin, wearing a lavender matador's outfit, clutches the hands of Vanessa and Wendy. The models come back onstage. Heidi asks the designers to talk about their creations. Kevin blandly repeats the Edwardian bit, and says that he feels his dress is very "sterile." He can sound so creepy sometimes. Austin says that he combined his ideas of eighteenth-century princess and little girl.

Heidi asks Michael Kors to describe the importance of teamwork. Michael says that leading a team and moving "foward" [sic] require the ability to weed out the weak members of your team. Heidi tells Kevin and Austin that they must say who was the weakest member of each of their teams. Austin says that he doesn't think he could do that, because he loves Vanessa and Wendy. Then, he starts to cry the most dramatic, yet strangely patrician cry ever. It's really kind of beautiful. Commercial break.

After the break, Heidi clarifies that everyone will be saying whom they felt was the weakest on their team. Nora chooses Kevin, because he wasted time. Alexandra chooses Kevin as well. Kevin then reveals that Nora lost a pattern piece and was crying for "five hours." Nora repeats that getting so upset allowed her to work harder, but Michael Kors is not buying it. Obviously, Kevin chooses Nora. Nora interviews that Kevin gave the judges a bunch of "bullshit," which makes me think he has been stretching the length of her time in the bell jar.

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