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Austin takes another frantic elevator ride back to the Workshop, during which we once again hear Robert interview that Austin is a drama queen. Austin keeps pushing the buttons in the elevator. We all know that does nothing, Austin. He keeps doing it, though, and while the Austin Button Montage plays out, Jay interviews in his mink stole and Björk buns that everyone is exhausted, which brings out their worst behavior. He concludes, "And I think, 'Yeah, bring it on.'"

It's time for the runway show. Heidi presents our judges: Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Sarah Hudson. Nina Garcia does not want to be sitting by Sarah Hudson. I decide to subscribe to Elle. They make Heidi plug Sarah's album. Heidi says that the challenge was about teamwork and leadership, two necessary characteristics of a successful designer. But, don't you get to pick your teams in the real world? And, I mean pick your teams. Nine people do not make a talent pool. To me, this challenge is best described in the words of Tim Gunn: "It's called 'make it work.'" Make it work with your crappy team and the model you're stuck with because the show is in five minutes. However, it was still a thrilling challenge to watch, so I guess that's just a question of semantics. Before the show begins, Heidi says that the winner of the challenge will be the designer of the winning look. So, Austin, Jay, or Kevin are the only potential winners.

The show begins. Morgan's first, wearing Austin's design. It's very pretty. More milkmaid than French Revolution. It's pure white with blue trim. Lots of lace. Morgan's hair is kind of French Revolution. Also, the front of the dress is translucent, revealing Morgan's panties and garters in a kind of prostitute-like way. Otherwise, though the design is pretty, I don't see the things Austin discussed with Sarah. As well, I don't see the trademark "Lost Girl" bullshit that she told everyone about in the beginning. Austin disagrees, I think. He calls the dress "a glorious masterpiece of design." Wendy interviews that she doesn't think the dress is Austin's strongest design, but that she sees Sarah responding to it; so she's not sure. Also, she reserves judgment because Sarah picked Austin and not Wendy. See? That's the Wendy Pepper Dichotomy! She, for just a moment, was totally reasonable.

God, they're playing that girl's awful song. Kevin's design is next. It reminds me of something from Kidd Video. It's a very bright pink, with a bustled skirt. The front of the skirt is cut thigh-high. The neckline of the dress has asymmetrical ties and feathers and stuff all over it. Also, she is wearing makeshift leg warmers and neckties are tied around her legs and flapping all around. Kevin interviews that rock and roll can be tattered; it just has to be cool. He's got the tattered part down. The hair on their model, Melissa, is pretty cool. It's cornrows on the side of her head, with a big multi-colored Mohawk on top. Her makeup is severe, with bright pink eye shadow liberally used. Nora interviews that she thought the dress looked great.

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