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Previously: Wendy won the challenge. Starr was tearfully sent home, or to Bellevue. Only nine designers remain!

The designers are sitting next to the runway when Heidi enters. They lamely greet her. She asks them if they are "weddy" for their next challenge. The designers take a leapby assuming she is saying "ready," and reply in the affirmative. Fashion and music go hand and hand, says Heidi. And sometimes, they go hand and hand before fashion's baby with another man is even a year old. Not judging; just observing. Okay, Heidi is wearing an off-the-shoulder top that makes it appear as though her right arm is missing at the shoulder. "This week, it's going to be all about rock and roll," says Heidi. Her announcement is met with a peculiarly canned-sounding "ooh" from the designers. I almost feel like they are making fun of her. She tells them that they will be designing for a "rising rock star." Then, she shows them a music video. The "artist" is Sarah Hudson. The track is "Girl On The Verge" from her album Naked Truth, which -- as I write this -- is #31,858 in sales on Amazon. I don't have any idea why they chose her for this show. Her song is derivative, her lyrics are insipid, and the whole concept of her is like ripped-off Meredith Brooks. And, Meredith Brooks was a rip-off, so we're talking copy of a copy here. The quality is not good. The video features Sarah in punk-y hair and girly dresses, rolling around on the ground. Nora says in an interview that she was instantly inspired by Sarah's video. Nora is a damn liar, too. There's no WAY she likes this girl. Nora is far cooler than this Sarah Hudson character. There's even more character in her name. Kara Saun reminds us that she has worked with actually successful musicians (Queen Latifah, Eve, etc.).

The video ends, and Heidi welcomes Sarah to the runway. She is wearing a black skirt and a wife-beater with a fluorescent yellow t-shirt underneath. Her dyed red hair has that stupid shape that was cool for, like, twenty minutes two years ago, where it's pinned tightly on the sides and poofed very narrowly on the top. Like, a faux-hawk for girls. She's doing that insincere coy-gawky-anemic thing that is also very irritating. Heidi announces that the challenge is to create a look for Sarah, from head to toe. So, hair and makeup are included in that, basically because they need to plug L'Oreal.

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