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Clothes Off Your Back

The designers are called onto the stage. Lupe, Emmett, Raymundo, Marla, Nick, Kara, Diana, and Daniel Vosovic are safe. Remaining are the highest and lowest scores. The models return. Santino tells Heidi that the jacket in his design was his favorite. He also adds that he would give his skin for fashion, which Diane quite accurately points out he did. Leather being skin and all. Santino says he wants to be a billionaire and, when he is, he'll buy a whole bunch of jackets.

Diane asks Chloe about her design. Chloe says she liked the lines and shapes on her design. Heidi replies, "I love it. If I didn't have this bump, I'd wear it right now." That's the first time I've actually heard a person describe their own pregnant belly as a "bump." I thought only US Weekly called it that. Nina likes it too. Diane says that it shows Chloe's personality and the dress is beautiful.

Daniel F. tells Michael that he reset the sleeves, polished the denim, and he changed the silhouette. After looking quietly, Michael tells him that it is very "good-looking." They're yanking this guy around now. I've never seen them wait so long to tell a person that they like his stuff. They know he's squirming. Nina seconds that it is beautiful. His model pats his back, which I think is so sweet.

Heidi points out that Zulema's dress is very short, and Zulema says about poor Rachael, her model, that "she has a lot of booty." This episode is not going to be fun for her to watch. ["I really don't know where that comment came from. The model's ass looked pretty flat to me." -- Sars] Nina tells Zulema to not make excuses, and she whines that she did the best that she could with the materials she had. Boo. Kirsten explains to Nina the importance of the scarf that she didn't use. Nina asks why she didn't use the scarf in a way that didn't destroy it (though I'm sure all of the designs become property of Bravo). Michael says that Kirsten went over the top with her design.

Heidi asks Andrae what he was thinking. He starts talking about that fucking store closing again, and begins crying. It's so very painful. Santino is looking down and chuckling, thus showing on behalf of America what we all felt from our living rooms. Heidi, nonplussed and making me love her, goes, "Are those happy tears or sad tears?" To which Andrae answers, "Both." Andrae is dead to me. Heidi saves the day a little more by saying, "I can't tell if you like what you did or you hate what you did. I'm completely confused!" He responds, without responding, that he wore clothes that night that reflected his "bedraggled" emotional state. This is so hideous. Nina drolls that she wishes Andrae had put this emotion into his design. "I don't need to hear all this." Love you, Nina. Santino is still laughing. Essentially, everyone is acting exactly how they should except for crazy crazy Andrae, who now screams to the clouds, "I'm not supposed to be crying! Jesus." Michael adds to the pile of appropriate behavior by remarking, "I fear for you that you can't offer us just a nice, simple explanation." Oh my god, thankfully, they leave the runway.

The judges think that Andrae is a big ham. Nina says she is confused by his reaction. They remark that the bottom of his design was unfinished. They hate Kirsten's design. Michael says that the top looked like "a bad Guns 'n Roses" concert, which I didn't know existed. Axl forever. Michael nails Kirsten for saying earlier that she would wear the top with something different and the skirt with a different top. "Then why did you put them together?" Diane likes Zulema's dress, but Heidi is really disturbed by the butt showing. "You wouldn't let a girl walk down the runway with her butt hanging out like that, would you?" Heidi implores Michael. "No, I wouldn't." This episode is going to be on the Heidi's Greatest Hits reel one day. She's really funny. They like Daniel Franco's design. Even more so, they love Chloe's design. Seemingly even more than Chloe, they like Santino. Diane gives him props for his vision.

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