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Clothes Off Your Back

Marla's design is next. It's a miniskirt and denim camisole-shaped top. The skirt is made out of the top and the top made out of her blue jeans. There is a white fringe on the top, created from Marla's white blazer; the top is backless. Marla interviews that her design doesn't have to be amazing, just good enough to stay. Marla sounds like Catherine Keener a little bit. She's right -- her design fulfills the requirements of the challenge, though probably no one would wear that design out.

Chloe's design is next, and rocks. It is a sleeveless, spaghetti-strapped blue dress with black pockets. The pockets are big and deep. The black continues from the pockets to the back of the dress, where it completes the back of the bodice. In the fabric continues from the straps in a thin strip until it widens into the skirt, essentially creating really large wide holes for her arms. Chloe says that she is honest with herself about her work, and this piece is honestly really good.

Nick's design is next. He has created a leather skirt. The top creates cutouts on both sides of the model's torso, while a belt strap on either side gives the design a little more edge. The top is backless and there are some chains decorating her. There is a single vertical strip of fabric in the middle of the skirt. I bet that makes the skirt move a lot more easily. There's also a fox tail hanging on the back of the skirt. Nick is proud of his design.

Here we have Kara's design. She has turned her jeans into short bloomers and her scarf is a really nice spaghetti-strapped top. Her white coat has been used to create a hat. Kara describes the look quite accurately as a "very urban Oliver Twist hipster look." I could totally see someone wearing this. It's cool.

This is followed by Kirsten's design. The skirt is interesting -- alternating gold leather and denim vertical panels. The top is missing the napkin effect now. It's just a cheap-looking halter. Kirsten says that she has mixed rock and roll with Parisian chic. I really can't stand it when she describes things.

Diana's design is next. She has taken the red dress she was wearing and added some asymmetrical stitching to the bodice. The prom coat that she was wearing has been transformed into a petticoat of sorts, over which the shortened a asymmetrical bottom of the dress falls. I'm not sure the dress is "transformed," but in her interview she says that she wanted to explore movement with the dress and I would say she has accomplished that.

Zulema's dress is next. It is so short. It was a cardigan to start out with, and it looks like she transformed the neckline. It's a scoopneck now, whereas before, it had a traditional cardigan neckline. The back is scooped too. Zulema knows it's too short. She interviews that she didn't wear much to the party. You were ready for winter in Nova Scotia compared to your model, Zulema. On another note, I thought I'd enjoy model butt a little more than I did.

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