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Clothes Off Your Back

Lupe's is next. She used her multicolored skirt to make a shorter skirt. The purple blazer that she was wearing is the top. It has been transformed into a tank top with lots of different pleats. There's a red strip of fabric on the bodice. Not sure where that came from. It's cute and fits the model nicely, but I'm not into making the skirt another skirt. It seems like cheating a little.

Here is Emmett's design, worn by Ashley Judd with a wig, a.k.a. Shannon. His shirt has been turned into a short dress with a sash at the waist made of shirt fabric. The shirt is sleeveless now, with a blue trim at the arms. The jeans have been turned into a jacket, which resembles jeans worn on the arms. Not so much transformed there. The dress is pretty in the back. There's some bunching and a little bow, but all I can see is that hideous jacket. Emmett interviews that he could defend his design.

Raymundo's design is next, worn by good sport Allison! Okay, problem. With the shirt, pants, and jacket that he was wearing at the party, Raymundo has created a shirt, pants, and a jacket. They're just fitted to the model. The only thing he did was take the sleeves off his polo, and he made a waistband that is white and black. He also made the windbreaker a sleeveless blazer, so maybe my first impression was a little off. Still, it's like he just tailored the garments that he had. It looks hot, but that was not the challenge. She should totally wear that out, though. Raymundo interviews that he wants to stay for the "long run."

Daniel Franco's design is next. Due, I'm sure, to the fact that he was wearing black, we see more of his signature black on black. It's a high-waisted skirt with a short blazer. The skirt is fitted and flares at the knee. It's not bad. The jacket fits a little weird, but it is still cool. There's no sign of his red t-shirt. He interviews that attention to detail is his forte.

Andrae's design is next. His model, Danyelle, is adorable. At the end of the runway, she does this kneeling cat scratch pose that's very cute. Now, the dress. It's falling off of her; the seams are not sewn tightly enough. Otherwise, it seems pretty cool; it's a little Chinese dress. Andrae has a sympathy pose with Danyelle when she's doing her thing at the end of the runway. He's like a mom at her kid's pre-K Christmas pageant. He interviews with that same song and dance about how his store closed and this dress is important because of that.

Daniel Vosovic, from whom we've not heard one word during this episode, has his model walk next. His safari jacket has been turned into a skirt and his scarf is a halter top. Simple, but cool and really nicely tailored. Daniel says that he is confident with his design. I am confident that he and his model Rebecca are cuties.

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