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Clothes Off Your Back

Once they get started, we see Daniel interview that his aspirations for quality get in the way of his completing the challenges. That's understandable. But, dude, learn.

The models arrive and Tim declares it "Make it work time." Tim tells Raymundo that his model has dropped out of the show. Damn. So, they've called one of the eliminated models to be the replacement. That's really embarrassing, because Raymundo was the last person to choose his model, which means he quite specifically did NOT choose the model that he is about to get. And she might hate him a little. Except: Allison is the model. She was John Wade's model and I recall her seeming very friendly. She's beautiful too. What a trouper, Allison!

Zulema's dress is showing her model's ass. Zulema, with much delusion, interviews that while the dress is "short for [her] taste," she sees women wearing dresses like that "all of the time." Where? In the gym locker room before they've put on their pants? That's a shirt, Zulema.

Hair! Makeup! Dude, we see a little airbrush makeup action happening. That's cool.

Kirsten, upon fitting her model and watching her walk, declare her model "fierce." If she tells her to "work," we're going to have problems. She interviews that her design is going to stand out and is "totally rock and roll." Kirsten is a dinosaur.

Daniel is still freaking out. He finishes, though. With fifteen minutes remaining, Andrae's design is still on the dress form! Tim understates that it is "a little alarming." Emmett interviews that Andrae was freaking out. Emmett helps sew the model into the dress while lecturing Andrae about not being prepared. Where was he when Kara needed help? Andrae is pushing it until the very end. Tim finally tells him that he has to stop working. We hear Andrae repeat that the design is important to him because of its symbolism. It represents that last three difficult years of his life.

Heidi welcomes the designers to the runway. She is really gorgeous. Pregnancy suits her. The judges are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Diane von Furstenberg. She smiles and wishes them good luck as the designers "ooh" and clap for her. They're really impressed.

The show begins. Santino's design is first. His leather jacket has been fashioned into a skirt. There's some bustle action in the back that gives it a kind of period funk look. The bodice is white cloth (I'm not sure what part of his outfit this was originally) that is fashioned into sort of a sweetheart neckline. There's pleating on the bodice that makes it look really luxurious. Part of the leather jacket is used to create a tiny jacket that just creates cap sleeves for the bodice. It is certainly innovative and all of the things that this challenge is supposed to be. Santino interviews that, as he was draping the mannequin, the lines of his design were revealed and he thinks it is really cool. The one thing that looks a little weird is the zipper on the front. It opens into the bodice of the design, and only right at that point am I aware that this girl is wearing a leather jacket as a skirt.

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