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Clothes Off Your Back

Tim comes in to check on everyone. We see Chloe explaining her design to Tim. Along with the blue jersey dress that she was wearing, she will use the black coat that she wore over it. She interviews that it was not a lot of fabric. She's shooting for a "geometric, pretty cool minidress."

It appears that Kirsten has realized that her design really resembles what she was wearing before. Tim doesn't like the top, particularly the napkin effect. Kirsten interviews that she was overwhelmed by his comments and did not know what to work on first. Tim is worried that Andrae won't have enough time to finish his design. He interviews that he is creating a chi pao, which is a traditional Chinese dress. All right, I'm buying it so far.

We see Lupe going to each of the designers and coaching them. She gives Diana advice on her tailoring. Also, she asks several designers to describe what is innovative about their design. Nick nails her in her interview for being "kind of nervy." He suggests that she might "get hurt" if she tries to do the same with him.

Daniel Franco has spiraled into a web of anxiety. Kirsten interviews that she can feel his stress. Santino says that Daniel complicates things. Daniel is trying to add a lot of tailoring to his garment, and there's no time. Santino interviews that he admires Daniel for coming back to the show, and wonders if Daniel will be back for the third season if he doesn't win this year. Well, it started out nice. At midnight, Tim tells everyone that they must stop. Emmett interviews that 80% of the designers weren't finished with their garments, which "really surprised" him. Sounds like someone finds himself above this whole process. He thinks the others should have considered the time, and he's right, but it's not hard to understand people getting ambitious. They want to be impressive. Andrae's dress is unassembled. Daniel is not finished either, and interviews that he feels like he failed.

The next morning, we see Zulema waking. With much originality, she coins "D-Day" as her description of occasions when her work will be judged on the runway. She says that she is unsure of whether, upon entering Parsons, she will love her design or hate it. You know that feeling. You stayed up all night writing a paper and think it's brilliant. Then, you take a nap. When you wake up you're afraid your paper is incoherent. I think that's what she means.

Daniel is still freaking out. He interviews that he just wants his garment to be beautiful. He's kind of heartbreaking right now. The mannequins are suggesting medication. Kirsten interviews that, though she will be disappointed if she's sent home by the judges, she is very proud of her design.

At Parsons, Tim tells the designers that they have only two hours to fit their models, as well as stops at the hair room and the makeup room. Tim expresses concern about the unfinished garments in the room. He recommends smart time management.

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