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Clothes Off Your Back

Kirsten tells Lupe that she wants her next challenge. She interviews that she is sure the challenges will get harder and harder, but she will just "stay true" to her vision and "what [she] think[s] is beautiful."

Tim gathers all of them. He tells them that the next challenge is a test of "how far [they] will go for fashion." He commends the designers' personal style and informs them that, for the challenge, they will be using the clothes that they are wearing right now to create their design. Everyone seems really shocked, and, for the first time, I can imagine that they are really stunned. Whoever thought of this twist is good. Nick interviews that "it was like the record was skippin'." He is wearing a leather jacket that he loves. Tim continues -- when they go home that evening, they will put all of their clothes in this snappy little linen bag and bring it to Parsons the next day.

When they get to the apartments, they proceed with stripping and putting it in the bags. It kind of resembles some sort of prison procedure. Nick again bemoans the loss of his vintage leather jacket. Andrae, in his interview, mimics Tim telling them about the challenge. Except Tim is Australian to Andrae. For real, he says, "When Tim told us we'd have to 'literally take the clothes off our backs and turn it into fashion,'" and he starts using an Australian accent at "literally." That's fucked up. He thinks Tim Gunn is Robin Leach. Andrae is sad to give up his jeans and jean jacket because he bought them right before he opened his boutique, which just recently closed. They represent something to him. Dear producers of Project Runway: Please don't make me look at Andrae taking off his clothes ever again. Nick holds up his printed brief underwear and says, "Hopefully, there's a sink with soap." Shit, I shouldn't have sent that letter yet.

Kirsten interviews that she is upset that she wore the scarf that she wore, because it's a family heirloom. She is not sure if she is going to use it or not.

Chloe interviews that when she first heard the challenge, she was nervous because the garment that she wore is very simple. She's ready to rock, though. I like Chloe -- confident without any attitude.

At Parsons, Tim tells them that their challenge is about invention, innovation, and transforming materials. They only have this one day to work on their designs.

Santino sings to his leather jacket as he starts to deconstruct it. He interviews that he is excited because he wore enough clothing to allow him to design successfully. He also says that he doesn't treasure any "material possession" so much that he would have a problem using it for his design. Zen or mercenary? You decide.

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