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Clothes Off Your Back

As they're getting ready for the party that I'm sure Heidi is sweating right now, making sure the centerpieces look just right, Daniel F. tells Raymundo that the print on his t-shirt is of Rasputin, "the Merlin of Russia." Raymundo replies, "Like Marilyn Monroe?" Daniel laughs and says, "Sort of." Raymundo is wearing these yellow and blue striped socks that I think are pretty cool. He also says that he is wearing his favorite pants because "It never hurts to have, like, little lucky charms." Indeed, they're magically delicious. Daniel interviews that he was the first person eliminated in Season 1 and one of the six designers called onstage during the last challenge. He interviews that he is anxious to show the world what he can do. Poor guy is becoming a little neurotic. The mannequins are worried about him.

We see the ladies getting ready. Chloe interviews that they were only given thirty minutes to prepare for the party. She says that she is wearing a jersey dress that she made for herself recently because it's cute and comfortable. We see Diana ask Kirsten her opinion of what she is planning to wear. Then, we see her wearing a caramel-colored formal gown. Diana interviews that it was her PROM DRESS. It's immediately recognizable as a prom dress. Diana interviews that she feels that she chose a pretty cool prom dress when she was in high school, making it appropriate for repeat wearing. The editors include an interview where Diana says that her fashion sense is derived from science and technology -- she doesn't read fashion magazines. I'm searching for the words right now to express how much this makes me love Diana. She's just so genuine. We see her questioning whether or not she is overdressed.

Kirsten interviews that she is changing her outfit by wearing a gold jacket and tying on a scarf "in remembrance" of her mother. The scarf is tied to her purse, which her mother must have done. Kirsten interviews that she is a lawyer and would love to pursue fashion full-time. Currently, her swimsuit line is just a side project.

They all go to their party. The models are there too. Tim is there! Chloe tells Kirsten that she's going to give Diana a makeover. There is, surprisingly, very little nastiness to that comment. Oh God, Diana, you're in your prom dress. Oh wait, she is now wearing a red dress but with the prom dress's long sheer coat. Still.

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