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Clothes Off Your Back

The designers return. Zulema is "in." She effusively thanks the judges, telling them that she won't be making anymore mistakes and will show them what a good "draper" she is. Daniel Franco is "in." Heidi gives him a "nice job," which is sweet. Chloe is the winner of the challenge. She walks off to the strummy challenge winner music. Santino is "in." When he goes backstage, he says, "They just didn't want to give me two in a row." Bitch doesn't even congratulate Chloe. He's pushing it, that one. Heidi tells Kirsten that they wish she'd used more of her resources and "[her] taste level wasn't there." Way to dress up a fucking nasty left hook. Your design career is really going to flourish after being told you're tacky. Andrae is told that his story is moving, but his designs should be more moving. Andrae is "in." He hugs Kirsten and, oh no, starts to sniffle. "I really like her. That's what's so awful." Stupid baby. He wipes away his tears in an arm-wide production, and stumbles off the stage. Auf wiedersehen, Kirsten.

She interviews that she hated having to say goodbye. Then she says that she doesn't have many things that belong to her mother or grandmother, so she doesn't regret her decision to not use the scarf. That kind of makes me admire her a little, but she could still have made something different. Turn the fucking Porsche t-shirt inside out, at the very least. As she is cleaning her workspace, Kirsten ties the magic scarf around her neck and suddenly disappears! Oh, now I get it. Invisible never works very well on the runway.

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