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Clothes Off Your Back
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Heidi welcomes the Season 2 designers while on the runway. She tells them that she is hosting a party for them that evening. Tim Gunn will be there to tell them about their next challenge. Now, it's model-choosing time, and Heidi has the velvet button bag. Though their models were randomly assigned to them in the previous challenge, this time they will choose. The girls all enter in black slips. There are 16 of them, and only 14 designers, since two were eliminated in the last challenge. Santino gets to choose first, since he was the winner of the last challenge; he chooses Heather, his model from last time. Nick calls Danyelle his "little Naomi Campbell Part 2." If you were a personal assistant, that would mean that you would definitely not be choosing her. The contestants continue choosing, and few designers choose a new model. The two models that are eliminated aren't identified. I think they are the two that modeled for the eliminated designers. Heidi tells the designers that the model they chose will be with them for the entire competition. This could be very awesome. It would be so funny if one of the models just started gaining a lot of weight. The designer would be stuck with her. Now, it's time for the designers to move into their apartments at the Atlas building.

Santino, Nick, Andrae, and Daniel V. are in an apartment together. Nick interviews that his father was a Greek diplomat and he watched his mother getting ready for parties and that is what made him interested in fashion. Non sequitur much? Santino interviews that it will be really sad when his roommates start being eliminated and he is still there. This guy, he's pulling our legs. However, I don't think he's joking when he declares that he "wants to leave a mark like Shakespeare." Fucking slacker, aim high or something. Apparently, the airbrushed t-shirt is his "thing," as we see him display a purple shirt adorned with a painting of a unicorn and say, "I saw this and had to have it." I have to say, not necessarily my cup of tea, but Santino's working a pretty original look.

Marla interviews that living in an apartment in New York City with a bunch of other people is a big change for her, since she is coming from Allentown, PA. I must say, for having an uncomfortable number of similarities with Wendy Pepper (i.e. Pennsylvanian, mother, oldest of the designers), Marla seems pretty cool. She interviews that Kara and Lupe (Guadalupe) are "easygoing." Lupe is still freaking me out. She's jumpy. Marla notes that Zulema's "style" is different from hers. Translation: Zulema's pushy. We see Zulema laying out her shoes in the shared closet. Marla suggests that maybe she "double up" the amount of shoes vs. space she is using. "Fair is fair," Marla says like a good mommy. "That's not going to happen," replies Zulema. "I don't believe in fairness." Trouble radar beeping. Zulema getting closer. Zulema interviews that she is the oldest of seven children, so living with others is not a problem for her. She then relays a story about how, when she was five years old, her mother couldn't afford to buy her a sewing machine. So, "for the longest time," Zulema had to make clothes by hand. Okay, now I'm hearing some action on the Liar Radar. Yeah, that's you too, Zulema. For real, how many five-year-olds do you know who are sewing their damn clothes? And do you know many mothers who would let their five-year-old operate a sewing machine, whether she could afford it or not? Sorry, I don't buy it. I think we see the world's first confrontational gifting of a clothes hanger as Zulema hands one to Marla and says, "If you would like one I'm more than willing to give [it to] you."

Emmett interviews that when he, Raymundo, and Daniel Franco entered their apartment, he quickly claimed the bedroom with one bed. Emmett thinks that Raymundo and Daniel had no complaints because they don't "want to mess with someone who is 6'6"." Jesus, wouldn't they have to have a special bed for him anyway? Emmett seems a little bitchy, no? It remains to be seen if this bitchiness will be used for good or evil. Currently, I'm pinning him to be the "I didn't come here to be friends with my fellow designers" guy.

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