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Previously: Hateful Diane Von Furstenberg required that the designers make a dress for her in six hours or no going to the ball. CinderApril lost the challenge and is now a pumpkin. Michael won his second challenge in a row. Crazy.

It's a lovely day in New York and the designers are walking through Central Park. They have been summoned by Angela Lindvall, who is a wood nymph and you know they live in the park. She greets them with a handful of pixie dust and tells them about their next challenge. It's about designers and their muses. They have to find a muse and it could be anyone. Mila wonders aloud how they're going to find something interesting amidst all the peeps in their "park attire." Not a bad point. Angela adds that the "all-star twist" is that they have to convince their muse to give them the clothes off their back. Wow. This is interesting. The power of television, my friends. We're about to see some people get naked just because they've been told to by some people who have been on television, because they're on television. The designers are nonplussed. Kara reiterates. Yes, it involves getting a stranger to take their clothes off.

Anthony interviews that this is great. He says that he has taken "so many daggers" during this competition because of the fact that he has a personality, but it will ultimately take a designer with personality in order to succeed in this challenge. He sounds a little more bitter than I'm used to hearing from him. Who's giving Anthony daggers? They get $150 for the challenge. They can use it to convince people to give up their clothing and the rest will be used at Mood. That's really interesting. It's all about economy and resourcefulness. This is neat. Angela adds that half of their look must come from their muse's clothing, which makes Kara's jaw drop. Sister was already thinking she'd get somebody to give her a bracelet or something and she would make whatever she wanted then say she was inspired by the bracelet. Nice try. Everybody seems stunned so Angela gives them some good news. They have two days for the challenge. They are indeed happy.

So, it's off into the park (actually Union Square 40 blocks away), the designers immediately start talking to people. Anthony interviews that it appears that Mila has suddenly grown a personality while him having a personality is just being Anthony. OK, that makes me think that maybe Mila has given him a dagger at some point? The girl that Anthony talks to has maybe one of the cutest faces in the history of mankind and I'm pretty serious. She is full stop adorbs. Her liberal arts education in Vermont has fully prepared her for this moment. She'd probably shave her head if he asked her to. Because he's a Creative. She? She's of the earth right now. Farming and loving mulch and cheese. But, you don't make it out of a New England liberal arts education without a personal pact that you will do WHATEVER to help the Creatives. Anthony wants to use her top and she's fine with that. The real problem with this challenge is that people in New York pay a lot of money for their clothes and can't necessarily afford to give them away. And, for most interesting stuff, anything within $150 would still be like giving it away. Kenley's noticing that a lot of people are like "Get the eff away from me" and she's mortified. That's where I'd be.

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