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Previously: The designers worked with some really talented high school students. Josh M. let us know that his mother passed away recently. Also, he had conflicts with both Bert and Becky. Anthony won the challenge and poor Josh C. was sent home for the second time.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and Anthony is in a great mood. He tells us that he loves having immunity but he would like to win again. Anya is applying her make-up and remarks that they are essentially the same group as a couple of weeks ago, just without Josh C. again. She interviews that she has been in the top- never in the bottom- and is starting to feel some pressure to achieve. Josh M. tells Bryce that he woke up pissed off that he didn't win the previous challenge. This is not a good attitude to have. Just be happy to be where you are, dude. But, Josh is always so eager to say something provocative, I can't imagine that he'll be chilling out any time soon.

At Parson's, Heidi tells the designers that they will be working in two teams of five for this challenge. Everyone seems immediately fatigued. She says that there will be no team leaders. Since Anthony won the last challenge, he gets to choose the first team member. He interviews that he wanted to choose someone who would complement is aesthetic, so he chooses Anya. Good call. Heidi chooses a button from the button bag to determine who will be the first member of the second team. It's Josh. He asks if that means he gets to be the leader, because he apparently didn't catch what Heidi Klum, standing in front of him on a runway, said about there being no leaders for this challenge. She, as well as several of the designers, repeats that information for him. He struts up to the runway as Kimberly interviews that Josh has been bossy from the beginning and bullies people that he thinks are weaker than him. He chooses Laura first. Then, Anya chooses Viktor. Laura chooses Kimberly and she interviews that she didn't want to be chosen for that team because of the attitudes and "stuff." Kimberly chooses Becky. Oh Lord. Becky, naturally, is not excited about working with Josh again. That leaves Bert and Bryce. Olivier chooses Bryce. Laura interviews that they were left with Bert. Heidi is sad for Bert that he is always the last chosen. Bert says that the group on the show is not made of people that he'd really enjoy working in groups with. He finds Laura and Josh to be clique-y, which they are. Heidi tells Bert to join his new team and he mumbles, "That's the bad news." Heidi asks him if he said that sucks and he says that he didn't. She says that she must be hearing things. Now, Bert does love to say shit under his breath, doesn't he? That's not helping him. Josh says that Bert is just waiting to annoy the crap out of him. I'm starting to have a problem figuring Josh out. Like, he seemed to start this competition as a reality show savvy bitch who wanted to be the dude that dropped the lines all the time. Now, though, he seems like maybe he's an incredibly high-strung crazy person who is full of unfocused rage. Anya says that Josh, Bert and Becky on one team is a disaster waiting to happen.

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