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Previously: We met our new designers. They presented looks at a fashion show in Times Square. Beatrice, who seemed lovely, will continue to be lovely beyond the prying eyes of reality television as she was informed that she was not in. Kooan, who dressed his model like a clown, was told to make sure that his fashion didn't come off as a joke. I would remind the judges that clowns are also often terrifying. Christopher deservedly won the challenge with a spectacularly constructed evening gown. There's already a rivalry for the ages brewing between Christopher and fellow designer Gunnar. It's like Gore Vidal and Truman Capote (RIP, everyone!) if both of them were Truman Capote.

At the top, Heidi reminds us of what's at stake this season. The winner will get a package worth 50 grand from HP and Intel of office equipment and "space." I wonder how that works. Like, do they just help you lease something or could you actually have an office in the HP HQs? They also get a fashion spread in Marie Claire. And a 2013 Lexus. Wow. That's nice.

L'Oreal Paris gives them 100 grand to help start their business and they get the "chance" to design and sell their clothes for Lord & Taylor. Now, I guess that I don't do as much investigation as is probably warranted before posing this question, but... I still don't really see any Project Runway clothing in traditional outlets. There's the occasional Christian Siriano dress on the red carpet, but where does one BUY this shit? I'm still reminded of the Jay McCarroll days when he essentially thumbed his nose at his prize and didn't end up getting any of his shit made. There was a bunch of lip service paid to him being true to some sort of vision or whatever, but it felt an awful lot like he'd become more interested in being a personality than making anything. That's purely my opinion, but having seen it played out like that season after season, I don't know (yes I do). So, Heidi also tells us that the winning model will receive a fashion spread in Marie Claire (I'm, um, assuming that this will be the same fashion spread that the winning designer gets) and 25 grand from L'Oreal Paris. Wow, that'll buy a lot of salad with the dressing on the side.

At the Atlas Building, the boys are rising and shining. Kooan explains excitedly how he hates the morning. It doesn't affect his energy level, apparently. Fabio, who exhibits a calm and smart kindness that is always fun for me to watch, says that he was sad to see Beatrice go and that she was really sweet. Gunnar, who looks THRILLED to be the idiot who says this season after season after season, remarks that you don't want to see other designers go... but you DO want to see them go. The reason is that it is actually just super INSANELY evolved to exhibit signs, simultaneously, of both self-interest and, wait for this, empathy. I mean, Jesus Christ, next we'll be breathing underwater.

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