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Previously: Rayon won the challenge, thus facilitating increased screen time for Rayon. And, going home? The super cute and relatively dignified Wesley. Sure, his design was lackluster, but, more importantly, I think we needed to make some sort of sacrifice to the Project Runway gods. They're mad and things are going horribly awry.

It's morning and we see a few jazzy shots of the streets of New York. Oh look, they found an issue of Elle. The one with Mary-Kate Olsen on the cover. She's really never going away, is she? On to the Atlas apartments.

Daniel rises and shines and interviews that he's very sad that Wesley was eliminated. He really felt that they were "connecting well." So, yeah, they're apparently a couple, and worldwide gays are a twitter. I think that's kind of sweet. They seem like nice guys, though I can't imagine the drama with two fashion designers in a relationship.

In the girls' apartment, Kelli is trying unsuccessfully to wake Stella. Kelli interviews that she hopes that this challenge allows her to show her point-of-view. Terri takes a stab at waking Stella by dancing beside her bed. We have a winner. So, I want to hear more from Terri. I've enjoyed her first two designs and she seems like a pretty cool lady. More please.

At the runway, Heidi greets the designers. She reminds them that they were allowed to pick their models for the last challenge. But we're getting crazy this time. Oh yes. Designers, do you think you're going to choose your model once more? Think again. Prepare to have your minds blown, because this is how we're doing things this time: The models of the winning and losing designers will be brought on stage. Crazy, right? And, OK-- breathe, the winning designer will decide if he wants to stick with his model or he can choose one of the other models. It's so fucking revolutionary that I feel like we've done the same exact thing dozens of other times. Oh that's right, we have. Don't waste my time, Heidi Klum Seal.

With Alyssa and Tia onstage, Rayon is given his choice of model. He says, "Rayon loves Tia. He could never change. So, Rayon's gonna keep Tia." Kenley looks at him like he's a total jackass, but I feel like those designers are not quite as annoyed by Rayon's narrative glitch as I am. I'm wondering if I should give him a break. I won't, but I wonder. Seriously though, if ever there were a justification for being nice to someone's face and eviscerating them in an interview, this would be mine. He's all smiles and Oprah-isms, so it's not like you could openly hate him, but I would let loose about the whole Rayon package once it was just me and a camera. Anyway, Alyssa is sent home.

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