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Previously: Instead of touring Paris, the designers were required to finish a couture gown in two days. Jeffrey managed to win his second challenge in a row, while crazy Vincent was finally, FINALLY sent (to his hopefully padded and medicated) home.

It's a whole new world at the Atlas Apartments. Unlock the knife drawer, Vincent is gone! Jeffrey remarks that it is the end of an era, and Kayne of Many Colors says that Vincent will definitely be missed. With the pleasantries out of the way, Michael reminds them that they are down to the final five. It's so reality-show-speak to do that countdown thing -- not that I blame Michael, for he is on a reality show. It makes sense that he'd use the -speak. It's just kind of silly to have a whole language, since the experience on any of these shows usually doesn't last more than a month. I wish someone would make fun of it a little. Like, after the first challenge, if someone had said, "It's the final eleven!" That would've been a gut-buster. I don't know, just throwing that out there.

KoMC interviews that he thinks that the final five are the most talented of the original group. No offense to Robert Best, I'm assuming. I think he may mean "the most talented of the final seven."

In the girls' apartment, Uli and Laura are sitting on a bed together. Laura is recounting for Uli how she was thisclose to being eliminated. And a "thanks" to whoever first used "thisclose" in writing. I find it immeasurably evocative and I love it. You've given the world a big gift. Uli tells Laura that Vincent was always going to be the designer who was eliminated for that challenge, or "Vincent was always in the losers' gang."

Laura interviews that the judges ripped her a new one during the last runway show. She is very excited to have made it this far and really wants to make it to the final three. She's getting so pregnant.

On the runway, Heidi tells the designers that she is not going to tell them about their next challenge. One of these days, Heidi Klum Seal, somebody's going to get a little bit tired of your silly twists and turns. Watch your back. She tells them that they're going to hear about their challenge at another one of these blasted Project Runway "parties," this one hosted by L'Oreal Paris, where I'm sure there will be some purely perfunctory and utterly un-festive champagne toast. You've got an alcoholic and a pregnant woman in a party of five. Ease up on the champagne toasts, Project Runway. Heidi adds that there will be some "...special guests" (pause Heidi's) that will be important to the next challenge.

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