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The designers flock into the Museum of Natural History, which is full of dinosaur skeletons. It's pretty cool. Alyssa welcomes them and transitions into the theme of the evening: there's an exhibit coming on poisonous insects and arachnids, so the challenge is to do something inspired by bugs. And it's an avant-garde challenge, which means they'll be expected to do something crazy. Everyone seems excited at the news that they're allowed to be detached from reality. They're going to be sent down to the Hall of Biodiversity, which will contain ten creepy-crawlies in jars.

Elena gets to choose first, and she does not seem like she likes bugs. She chooses the lubber grasshopper. Then the rest of them are sent down there to squabble over bugs. So they all start shouting things like "I got the tiger centipede!" Daniel picks the vinegaroon, possibly because it's fun to say. Once everyone has their bugs, they start sketching. Melissa's got a giant spider, and she's going to be kind of literal with it. Daniel likes the armor on his bug and then talks a lot of nonsense about texture. Mychael's going to make a capelet that looks kind of like a cocoon. Sure.

Mood. The budget is $250, and Irina explains that she's got this novel strategy where she shops for just the right fabric. Cunning! She wants to make a spiral pattern to mimic her bug. Daniel's wandering around looking for something brown that looks kind of like armor. Elena has a proper crisis, because she loses her sketch. Oh no! Best to just buy a bunch of fabric and hope you can reconstruct something. Irina points out that Elena's kind of always panicking.

Workroom. The bugs are waiting for everyone. People swarm (bug reference!) the accessory wall so we can get some QVC product placement.

Instead of proceeding, we learn that Korto got to go to Liberia and design for Vanessa Williams. Melissa launched a company and wants to take it to the next level. She's using cream silk to emulate the shape of her spider's body.

Elena is pretty loud about having to sketch again. She also claims she's about to puke. She's literally worried sick!

Mychael's hornworm looks like candy. It's a green cylinder with a white stripe going in a spiral around it. It looks like a peppermint stick.

Christopher is realizing the ridiculous time pressure they're under, because he apparently forgot that they're expected to make something in just ten hours. Jeffrey complains that he hasn't made an avant-garde look in a long time, although he makes sure to mention that he designed something for Marilyn Manson once.

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