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Last week: why couldn't Julie Kavner come be a judge?

This week: the designers are taken out to some helicopters so Alyssa can introduce the challenge. She speaks rapturously of QVC and their studios in Pennsylvania. The designers will be taken there in helicopters, and they freak out about it. People on reality shows love going for rides in helicopters. They shriek about everything, although that's partly because it's hard to hear anything.

They land at QVC headquarters and are welcomed by Lisa Robertson, who is...somebody at QVC. She's a host, which means salesperson. And she's here to present the challenge, which is to make a red carpet gown for her to wear at the QVC Oscars event. It's important that she be able to sit, stand, and move in it, because she'll probably have a lot of stuff to do on camera. And "a version" of the winning gown will be offered on QVC.

Now there's a tour of the QVC studios. It's very nice, but I don't see why I have to care about these people pretending to be on-camera "hosts" describing each other's clothing. It's not their skillset. Seth Aaron claims to recognize each of the sets, which I guess is possible. They're placed in the Isaac Mizrahi set to do their sketching. I always like the sketches, because I think there's an interesting effect from having drawings that are super-detailed on the clothing but just have a cartoon of a woman's head sticking out. Isaac Mizrahi himself comes in and makes some recommendation about "going for it." Thanks, Isaac.

Back to New York! The designers hit Mood and start the usual running around. Irina's sketch includes something labeled "leather orchids, three different sizes," which I find worrying. She's planning to show off Lisa's body. Elena purposely skips the neoprene this time because she wants to show that she can do something else. She's in the brocade aisle, which makes her a little scared.

Back to the workroom. They have ten hours to turn out gowns. This is not a lot of time, but that's not a new thing for this challenge. There doesn't appear to be a lot to talk about, so the producers present us with Seth Aaron and Christopher chatting while they sew. Christopher is going to use that "feathering [BLEEP]" he used in his original season. Elena is finding that brocade doesn't lie the way she was hoping, and she warns that she's going to freak out. She seems to imply that she only knows how to use neoprene, but that can't be right, can it? Surely anyone in the All-Stars season would be able to use a variety of fabrics.

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