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Previously: The designers had to create red carpet looks with green fabrics. Diane von Furstenberg was the guest judge, which made little Laura Kathleen super happy. And, she won the challenge! Althea, who liked Diane von Furstenberg just fine as well, didn't do so well and was sent home.

Has everyone noticed how sexy the girls have to act in the opening? I feel like Uli, who acts kind of goofy as she's standing there, is the only one who actually comes out of it with her dignity intact. Laura Kathleen looks like she is in serious danger of throwing a hip out of joint. The designers meet Carolyn at the South Street Seaport in Lower Manhattan and Joshua wonders, jokingly, if maybe they are going to have a pirate challenge. Seriously, crazier things have happened. He's currently wearing a purple tank top with a vintage photo of a bodybuilder on it. Just reporting the facts here. Carolyn greets them and tells them that the Seaport is the site of this challenge. Also, the guest judge is someone with a really exotic name who makes fancy watches and jewelry, such as Carolyn is currently wearing. Fawaz Gruosi. That's his name and I love it. He comes out and shakes Carolyn's hand and greets the designers. In so many words, he tells the designers that he's glad to be there and he's excited about the watch. Carolyn elaborates. The winner of this challenge will receive one of his watches as a reward. Laura Kathleen wants that watch.

Carolyn then reveals that this will be the unconventional challenge. Lordy. Emilio interviews that he has not been looking forward to this, because he used like washers and string during that challenge during his season and was almost sent home. Anthony Ryan says that we all remember his infamous birdseed dress from his season, but he didn't win that challenge. He really wants to win that one. Is his birdseed dress really considered infamous? I don't think about it much, especially not in a scandalous way. I thought it was good. I just think that it's interesting of him to refer to it as infamous. It's kind of like talking about yourself in the first-person. They are going to have to find everything they need for the challenge in one store in the Seaport shopping place. The twist is that they have to completely transform the materials. The judges shouldn't be able to tell where they came from. Casanova interviews that this will be difficult for him because he is not used to making garments with bullshit. Heh. They get $350 though and that's cool.

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