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Previously on Project Runway: Timothy was the literal worst.

Heidi starts the episode by bursting into the designers' hotel rooms while they're asleep. They're stacked in there like cordwood! Anyway, she's there to drag them all out to Coney Island. When they get to the boardwalk (at what looks like 4:00 am on a very cloudy day), Tim's there to meet them and introduce them to this week's corporate sponsor. It's frozen yogurt. I just saved you a lot of advertising copy.

Tim tells everyone to take carts of frozen yogurt and give them out to the crowds. Not only is this kind of weird, it also looks like a really cold day to do this on. When they find some tourists willing to take free frozen yogurt from a stranger (which I personally would not do, because my mother warned me about this exact situation), they need to collect adjectives from the tourists to describe the yogurt, and then choose three words to inspire their design. Remember the clothing designs? Oh, and everyone will be working in teams of two, which no one seems that thrilled about.

Alexander (orange hair with the curl on top) is teamed with Justin (deaf). Kate (castoff from last season; sick of teams) is teamed with Helen (has tattoos, is convinced everyone will be afraid of her). Jeremy (from England; has kids) is teamed with Ken (used to be homeless). Sue (taught herself fashion; is kind of a hippie) is teamed with Sandro (Russian weirdo). Bradon (used to be a dancer) is teamed with Karen (I remember absolutely nothing about her). Dom is teamed with Alexandria, and as neither of them has made much of an impact on me, I'll rush on to the Drama Pair. Miranda is teamed with Timothy. And you know how we're all pretty sick of Timothy and his half-assed "sustainability" thing that he keeps claiming to be into, even though he's on a televised competition where the prize includes a Lexus and a year's supply of bottled water? Miranda and Timothy are both from Milwaukee, which means that she already knew him. She's had plenty of time to get sick of his nonsense before the show even started, so she is not delighted to be paired with him. He's oblivious, though, because he thinks this will let them come together.

Everyone fans out to give out frozen yogurt. People say words like "creamy" and "fluffy" and it's the sort of thing you want to see if you've paid a lot of money to have your frozen yogurt in a television show. I should point out that everyone has umbrellas and there is nobody down on the beach. And these thronging crowds immediately vanish when the word-collecting is over, so I think someone must have rounded the people up for the show.

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