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Guys! I'm scared of this show. It has so much potential ...for both good and evil. Maybe it will be this fascinating look into the minds of all these very creative hyper-ambitious people who get a second chance at the brass ring and become even more ambitious! That would be cool, right? Or, what if it's watching erstwhile reality show It-thangs whose talents have grown soft and their ambition has curdled, making them emotional slot machines just begging for some camera time. That would be sad. Well, let's forge ahead together.

Here's Mondo! I love Mondo! But, what the fuck is going on with those shorts? Seriously though, he's a cute enough guy. I don't know why he wants to look like an Olsen twin. They are SO short. He tells us that he made it all the way to the end of his season and his heart was broken. He says the typical stuff about how he's going to win this whole thing, which, I'm sorry to be so paranoid, is troubling considering Mondo was anything but typical previously. Then, who does he see? Michael Costello. Michael Costello is an all-star in something, guys. That's rude, but you know you were thinking something similar. He and Mondo embrace and he swings Mondo around. It's really very sweet. Mondo says that he knew he would see Michael there.

Here comes the rain, I mean, Mila. Y'all remember her and her color-blocking from Season 7, yes? She says that she's the best designer here (I guess she met everyone or nabbed a call sheet?) because she is fashion forward, contemporary and accessible. Blah. Getting close to the win during her season is what is driving her now. STOP IT -- it's Anthony Williams, also from Season 7! So happy to see him. He says that the most important thing that he learned when he was on the show was to never second guess himself. You see, that's funny, because I always felt like his problem was not like third and fourth guessing himself. There wasn't a lot of depth to his designs. He knows that some people don't consider him much competition, but to those folks he's all, "You think this is a game? Let's go."

Here's Jerell, that drama queen from Season 5. I'm gonna need a Red Bull to get through another show with this guy. Or some chamomile. With honey. I have to take care of my instrument. That's right. Jerell tells us that he doesn't want to leave without a sash and an oversized tiara. Oh my... here's Elisa Jimenez. Of Season 4. I have watched so much television. You remember Elisa -- hippy, survived a car accident, maybe touched in the head. She's just lovely. Well, she says that she has entered this experience with the belief that she can take a huge prize away from it. Austin Scarlett is here too. He tells us that someone had to put the star in all-star. I'm already falling asleep. Don't get me wrong, I loved Austin just as much as everyone else did in the beginning. Now though, he just seems far too precious. I can't really handle it. But, I guess I have to, don't I?

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