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The Few, The Proud, The Four Designers Who Are Left
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Previously: The designers had to create ready-to-wear looks for Elie Tahari to sell for charity. Uli was worried that her white dress wouldn't pop, but everyone loved it. Anthony Ryan won the challenge. Josh and Carolyn sort of got into an argument, but Ivy was the person who was sent home.

We begin with some very grand music and the remaining designer walking towards Carolyn on the deck of the Intrepid in the Hudson River. The Intrepid was an aircraft carrier in World War II that is now a military museum. It's incredibly impressive to see. Carolyn welcomes them and explains that the Intrepid has one of the most distinguished records of any Navy ship. Also distinguished are the records of their guests, who arrive on some sort of elevator thing. Its four ladies who are veterans! They introduce themselves. We have Jessica from the Marines, Donna from the Air Force, Lisa from the Navy and Leslie from the Army. Leslie also introduces Isaac, her service dog. We see that Leslie is missing some part of her left leg (the rest is obscured by pants). OK, that's really interesting. From my experience watching this show, I'm gonna just go ahead and say that if they try to hide her prosthesis, they are going to run into trouble. Also, Leslie is gorgeous and vibrant and they shouldn't try to hide her anyway.

Carolyn explains that each of the guests will be attending an event where they would rather not wear their uniforms. So, the challenge is for the designers to create a look specific to the event to which they will be attending. Also, the ladies will be the models on the runway. Anthony Ryan comments that these women have given so much to our country and this is their chance to maybe give a little something back. They will have 30 minutes to meet with their clients and find out about the special event to which they will be wearing the design. Carolyn says that the judges will be looking to see how well they work with their clients to create a special look.

The ladies step over to their designers. It appears that they were matched before meeting. Josh is matched with Captain Leslie Nicole Smith of the Army. She has a real brightness about her. She tells Josh that she wants a hug. Josh interviews that his own brother is also in the Army. Leslie tells Josh that, when she was deployed in Bosnia, she developed a blood clot in her leg. Infection was involved and she was hospitalized and the Army had to tell her family that it appeared as if Leslie wouldn't survive. Josh gets emotional as she's telling her story. Or, some mascara gets in his eye -- there's no explanation. Leslie finishes her story and says that, after her amputation, she wondered if she'd be able to wear high heels again. Josh laughs in his interview and says that he loves that the first thing that Leslie thought about was high heels. Well, to be fair, check out your context. I'm sure she didn't tell her superiors that was the first thing she worried about. Right now, though, she's sitting with a fashion designer who happens to be wearing every artificial color that has been created up to this point in the history of man and she's probably thinking, "Of the list of things I thought about when I heard that I would no longer have all of my leg, this one will probably make an impact."

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