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All Dolled Up

The next day, Lupe remarks that the workroom and sewing room are going to be crazy that morning. As she's getting ready, Marla says that she's nervous because she feels she could have done more to he outfit. She really sounds a lot like Catherine Keener. I almost think she looks like her a little too. At the Parsons workroom, as Tim addresses the designers, the camera is focusing on Raymundo, but you see Emmett behind him, clearly applying powder from a compact. Dear God. Tim informs them that they have two hours before the runway show, meaning two hours to fit the models and have their hair and make-up done. Also, he tells them that in the hair room are thirteen long, blonde Barbie wigs. "You don't have to do it, but I want to encourage you to do it." Tim leaves, and mayhem ensues. Daniel Franco tells his model that he needs her to go to the hair and make-up rooms by herself because he is pressed for time. As Marla is scurrying, Santino interviews across the room that Marla is struggling and he's surprised that she has made it this far. EVERYBODY LAY OFF THE OLD LADY. It's getting ridiculous. For instance, Marla is fitting her model with these weird sleeve things and says, "Would you wear something like this. No," and just rips it off of the girl. She knows she's in trouble, guys. Leave her alone.

Daniel Franco starts to freak out because he realizes that he used elastic thread on his dress, and his model tries to calm him by saying, "You have still an hour and eight minutes." Then she giggles. I think I like her. Next, Daniel has his dress spread out on the floor. Tim enters and says, "You're almost completely on the ground. What are you doing?" Daniel explains that he used elastic thread in the hem of his dress, so he is cutting it off. I'm not sure, but I wonder if we're supposed to think that Marla is the person who left elastic thread in the bobbin. I don't know. More scurrying. Andrae says that he is not going to use the wig, because his model (who is not Caucasian) would never have blonde hair. Oh please, he's just creating drama. Check it, Andrae: Mary J. Blige would never have blonde hair growing out of her head, but I say Mary J. Blige can do whatever the hell she wants. Daniel Franco has to sew his model into his design. Tim has to stop him. Commercials.

Heidi greets the designers. She introduces the judges. They are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Lily from Mattel. All of the designers are holding their Barbie dolls dressed in their own designs. The show begins.

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