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All Dolled Up

Daniel Franco is in the workroom. He says something about having to look at his design from a few steps back, and likens it to viewing something at a museum. Chloe interviews that this is called the "Daniel Franco Shuffle." Daniel Vosovic, who it seems has mostly been ignored, finds Daniel's dancing "a little too much." Chloe, however, remarks that "it works for him," though "it wastes a lot of time."

With three hours remaining in the workday, Tim arrives. He tells Nick that his design is looking good. Tim tells Raymundo that he is worried that his design is "too grown-up." He tells Kara that her design is "really cute." She plans on adding trim just like she used for her semi-finals design and Tim replies, "No, it looks like happy hands at home." Thank you, Tim. It totally looks like happy hands at home. I'm going to remember that one. The skirt for Andrae's design is an orange bubble. Tim reacts with surprise. Andrae explains that he is trying to create the look of a vintage dress that has been ripped up and personalized by Barbie. I guess Barbie was vintage shopping at the antebellum store. The skirt is massive. Tim says that he is trying to anticipate the "runway dialogue," to which Andrae responds with a giggle, "Yes, of course." This reminds Tim of something, so he asks if he can speak to Andrae alone.

Now, it's probably a good time to mention that Andrae is wearing short-shorts. Tim tells Andrae that he is concerned about Andrae's outburst at the previous runway show. Tim says that he felt like Andrae was "fueling" his emotions and that it was contrived. I feel that Tim is exactly right. That was why it was so gross. Andrae hears something different and says, "I was extremely emotional, but I don't want to ever appear vulnerable." What about contrived? Do you want to look contrived? Tim sees that Andrae is not really getting it, and adds that Andrae should use the time talking with the judges to show his talent and intelligence (translation: show them you're a capable grown-up). Andrae infuriates with, "I'm basically not afraid of my emotions. I allow them to occur, I guess, as they come to me." This guy is not getting it. He adds that he likes his designs and is ready for whatever the judges "throw" at him. Tim leaves, and it's scurry techno. I do like how this year's designers seem to counsel each other a lot about their designs. I like that atmosphere.

That night, at the Boyz Room, Santino is discussing what he imagines tomorrow's results will be. He thinks that Daniel Franco has too much to finish and will be in the bottom three. He also mentions that he likes his own design better than Emmett's. I'm guessing that's who he considers his greatest competition in this challenge. "Marla's hurting," he adds. Nick says, "She's got some whickety-whack trim on it." Poor Marla. Then, he does a little runway walk, showing off Marla's whickety-whack, as Santino and Daniel V. laugh. Those guys are being mean.

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