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All Dolled Up

Tim comes in before they are done for the day. He talks to Raymundo about his design. Raymundo's design includes a jacket, and Tim seems stunned when he is shown the fabric that Raymundo will be using for said jacket. It has kind of a burlap aspect. Tim remarks that there seems to be "an awful lot happening." Tim says, "It's more about the jacket, I think, for me this time." And Raymundo asks what I'm wondering, "The jacket, meaning what?" Really, though, Tim is so measured in his comments that I didn't know if he liked it or not. "I'm ambivalent about that fabric." Raymundo interviews that he took the My Scene Barbie characteristics and filtered it through his perspective. He pushes the whole "little girls should look like little girls" song and dance. In theory, I agree with him, but it seems like he's just being defensive. I've noticed that when people start talking a lot about their vision or "who I am," they're really saying, "I'm not listening to your criticism."

Chloe tells Tim that her design will look really cute when she's done. Marla shows Tim her design and he diplomatically and encouragingly replies, "All of this speaks to incredible potential. You're not there yet." Tim leaves, and it's scurry scurry techno music. Everyone is trying to make the most of the time remaining in the workday. Marla is having more trouble. Someone even has to show her how to use the iron. She interviews that she is nervous about losing the challenge. She thinks she has talent, so she'll be disappointed if she has to go home.

The next day, at the workroom, Tim presents Lily from Mattel, who tells the designers that they will also need to make a doll-sized replica of their design. Also, the winning design will be produced as a limited edition My Scene Barbie with the winning designer's name and picture on the box. Raymundo interviews that winning would be like going from "step one, and then you go to like, step three hundred." Has designing for Barbie really been that much of a step-skipper for people? Back to work.

Marla is still having a hard time. She says that creating a doll-sized dress is taking time away from work on her other dress. In the sewing room, Santino says, "Marla, you know, she wears a big, shiny, tacky badge of, uh, of being self-taught. You've got your small, limited bag of tricks. Work it out, girl, you know?" Where is this nastiness coming from? I guess she must be asking everyone for a lot of help, because I can't understand why her lack of technical expertise would make them all so angry. He just called her tacky. That's rude. Some would say, Santino, that your insistence on long hair when your hairline is rapidly receding would be tacky. Work that out. Then Marla enters the sewing room to silence. She starts working and has some problems. Andrae helps her a little bit, but eventually the thread comes "undone." Not exactly sure what the problem is, but Marla says, "I'm not changing the thread," and leaves the sewing room.

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