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All Dolled Up

Chloe says that she is going to make her design pink, because every girl likes pink. Broad generalization, but…sure, why not.

Diana interviews that her design will sport a large hood that can be worn down as a collar. The fabric is a heavy red, with holes outlined in black all over it. It's really cool. Emmett remarks to Diana that he thinks it is beautiful fabric. He says, "You're doing Barbie couture, for sure."

Santino's design will be a mixture of knit and woven fabrics, which provide the twin qualities of "fit and flare." He also notes that he wants to be the best. If he is anything less, he feels like he has failed. That may be a bit of an explanation for why he wasn't generous or congratulatory to Chloe when she won the last challenge. His victory in the semifinals may have set him up for a lot of disappointment. I wonder if he would have been so upset had he not won that challenge.

Daniel Franco is explaining his design to Diana, and she urges, "Simplify! Simplify!" That is wisdom, Franco. I hope you're listening. We see Nick helping Marla, and Chloe says from across the room, "It won't be pretty there, Marla. It just shows that you're not good at draping." As harsh as that sounds, Marla smiles and says, "I'm not good at draping." They must have been joking about that before. Otherwise, ouch. Marla interviews that she is self-taught. Geography (Pennsylvania) and motherhood (twenty-six-year-old son) kept her from seeking formal training. She's feeling a little insecure about her talents. In an interview, Chloe just goes with the whole bitchy thing and says, "In this group, it's all about having talent or skill. You know, you really shouldn't be here if you don't know how to put a garment together." I understand that it may be annoying to have someone ask for assistance when you're trying to do your own work, but really, Chloe, just fuck you a little. Marla's a nice lady who's trying to get ahead. If you're so damn talented, don't worry about her. My imagination? Or is Chloe getting a little too big for the self-made Chloe britches?

Of course, next, Chloe is helping Marla but she's being really scolding as she does. It's unnecessary. I'm already seeing the reunion show where everyone has to apologize to poor Marla for being assholes. Andrae says that Marla has a deficit of experience, but points out that she has been a pretty successful woman and is simply pursuing a "more creative bend." So, give her a break, everyone. Chloe continues with, "If she can't handle this challenge technically, there's no way she can handle the next challenge." Actually, Ms. Dao, I believe there was unanimous answer to a question during the reunion show last year. The question? Which challenge was the hardest? The answer? The FIRST CHALLENGE. So, really, what are you talking about anyway? You don't even know what the next challenge will be! Maybe it will be to create the perfect design for a fifty-one-year-old mother. I think Marla would be perfect for that. Or maybe it will be to create a design without draping. One cool thing is that Marla seems to be soaking up a lot of what she is getting advice-wise from the other designers. It would be great to see someone go home knowing more about what they're doing than when they got there.

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