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All Dolled Up

Chloe says that "My Scene Barbie is all about being seen. That's why it's called My Scene Barbie, because it's all about her." A many-curved street of logic she has taken there, but I think I get it. Still, there's not really a point. The designers are given thirty minutes to sketch their design, after which they will go shopping for materials. He also informs them that they will have two days to complete the design.

Nick interviews that he played with his sister's Barbie dolls and probably "put the outfits together better than [his] sister." He says that he wants to make sure that his doll will "pop out in the box." Emmett tells Chloe that his Barbie will be "Miss Western." He interviews that he wanted his design to be colorful, feminine, and frivolous.

Raymundo interviews that he doesn't like the current trend of dolls being "overly made up." The little girl "in [his] head" wants to look like her mother. So, he's going to make a Barbie that looks like a mom, yet trendy. Now, I understand his logic and I probably agree. But he isn't thinking about his audience. That's not how girls play with dolls anymore. The Barbie rep explained that My Scene Barbie is about girls who want to be teenagers, not moms. On another note, it seems a little sad to me that kids aren't as interested in emulating their parents as they used to be. Of course, then they might have Botoxed Barbie or Alimony Barbie or Haven't Seen My Kids in Three Weeks Because I've Been Working On the Anderson Account Barbie or Where's Mommy's Pills? Barbie. You get the picture.

Oh my God, Kara is still trying to retrieve her Barbie hat. She gets it, finally, but her sketching time is seriously shortened by her hat-retrieving efforts.

Tim takes them to the fabric store. They each have $150 for supplies. Nick grabs a really bright pattern, or "psychedelic," as he sees it. Tim asks Andrae if he feels "disabled" by the challenge, because Andrae seems like he's in a daze. He says in an interview, "Not only do I have to pull this thing together in forty-five minutes, I also have to assess what's there." I don't understand what he's saying. Assess what's in the fabric store? I'll give you a hint: fabric store. Think hard. You'll get it. Kara is the last one to finish, and Tim's getting a little impatient.

At the workroom, they get started. Lots of cutting. Nick interviews that his My Scene Barbie muse gives him a "Telemundo/Copa Cabana" vibe. He explains his design and seems really confident with it.

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