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All Dolled Up

Santino interviews that he has played with dolls his entire life, and thus he is excited about the challenge. This guy is such a cipher. Nothing about him matches, which I guess should teach me a lesson about judging a book by its cover. He looks like he just walked off of the set of Easy Rider, but he loves dolls and high fashion. He sounds like a Zen master, but he has an enormous ego. I'm perplexed.

Chloe thinks that the challenge is going to be difficult because Barbie dresses in every style and means something different to every girl (or boy; see: Santino). Tim shows the designers a display of thirteen My Scene Barbies, one for each of them. It will serve as their muse. Nick interviews that he immediately started looking for the Barbie that he wanted, as well as his for second choice. When Tim tells them to choose their doll, the designers go nuts. It's like someone is chasing them. Raymundo interviews that it was a frenzy. Andrae interviews that he had assumed that they would have to design a look in the vein of the Barbie that they had chosen. We see Chloe just grab the Barbie that remained. She interviews in a rather annoyed manner that the challenge is to design for "every Barbie," not the doll that you grabbed. Good point. They all looked rather silly, diving after Barbie dolls.

Back at the workroom, Tim confirms that it doesn't matter which doll they have. They could mix the dolls and it would make no difference. Then: "Speaking of jumbling things up and mixing things around --" Andrae interrupts with, "Should we change the clothes?" "No," says Tim, "where's Kara?" I love that Andrae was still trying to make it about which Barbie they picked.

Meanwhile, we see Kara standing at the escalator at the toy store, speaking with a Toys 'R Us employee: "Barbie's hat dropped down the side." The employee seems confused, like, "Are you really asking me to retrieve a freaking tiny Barbie hat from an escalator?" Back at the workroom, Chloe explains that Kara lost the Barbie hat (inserted is an interview, where Chloe is laughing as she tells the story of the missing hat). Tim asks, "What, is she in some wild panic?" Lupe takes this moment to respond, "Yes, since this morning."

Back at the toy store, a guy has stopped the escalator and Kara is pointing over the railing. She interviews, "I have never known so much commotion for a Barbie's hat." Okay, pause. I'm having a problem with Kara in this episode. Granted, in the next sentence she says, "But, since she is my muse and since I do like hats, I wanted the damn hat," but it seems like she has a problem owning her behavior. You didn't know the commotion, you caused the commotion. Could this recap get any gayer? Also, we are seeing a huge display of the power of television. If you were really to ask someone to stop an escalator in New York City, in a store with tons of visitors, in order to retrieve a tiny Barbie hat, and you didn't have cameras with you, you'd get a hearty laugh right in your face. Or they would help you retrieve the hat by throwing you over the railing of the escalator. Commercials.

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