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All Dolled Up

They start walking to the icon's house. Andrae interviews that he felt this a strange way to meet a fashion icon. While we are hearing this, we see the designers walking at Times Square. Andrae runs ahead of the group, arms outstretched, into a flock of pigeons that fly away. Is this a trend -- the movement version of Andrae's thoughts? It's very Twyla Tharp. Can't say I love it, but I might, just a little.

Once they reach the middle of Times Square, Tim stops them and tells them that they are in "the center of the universe, so to speak." Nick, in his interview, says, "God, I knew I should've worn a better outfit." They're really laying it on thick with the Nick the Fag-speak, huh? Well, I'm hoping that the editors chose to use this statement here and it's not chronologically correct. Because, if it is, Nick has some explaining to do. Times Square is a magnet for the most slovenly, poorly dressed, fanny-packed, bad-highlighted people on the planet. Nay, the universe. You'd be hard-pressed to find any self-respecting 'mo who would say otherwise.

Then, Tim leads him into the fiery pit of hell. Wait, that's the Times Square Toys 'R Us. Oh God, people, it's horrible there. Being there feels like being processed at Death Row. Apparently, someone lives there. Emmett interviews that he was worried when he saw the store. Chloe interviews that they thought it was maybe Sarah Jessica Parker or Alicia Keys. Do they live at Toys 'R Us? ["There's a Fiona Apple joke in here somewhere; I just can't quite get to it." -- Sars]

The icon is Barbie. There's this whole Barbie storefront area in the store. Everyone seems excited. Tim Gunn is still totally business: "This is your fashion icon's house -- Barbie." Kara says she is excited because she played with Barbie when she was a kid. So did her mom and her sisters. Tim introduces Lily Martinez, who is a designer from Mattel. Lily shows them My Scene Barbie, which is for "an older girl, who aspires to be a teenager." God, doesn't advertising talk freak you out sometimes? There's just something creepy about discussing the aspirations of ten-year-olds in a marketing atmosphere. I always think that they just try to make the toys fun. Lily seems nice, though. She explains that My Scene Barbie is all about "fashion, fun, and friendship." There are several dolls, each with a "distinct personality." And Barbie is the "social director," which gets some laughs. There's something so primitive about the doll description. It's like a lab rat experiment. With girls instead of rats. And dolls instead of electrical shocks or saccharine or whatever they test with. The challenge is to create a new look for My Scene Barbie -- life-sized for their model. Tim says that it is a test of the designers' creative vision.

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