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All Dolled Up

Before the guys leave the apartment, we see Nick primping in a mirror and saying, "And they thought us fags would take so long to get ready." I'm assuming that "they" were right.

Heidi greets all of them on the runway. She's wearing black slacks and a black blouse with spaghetti straps that is fairly sexy. She's really a lovely pregnant lady. All glowing and smiles. She tells them that they are going to enjoy their next challenge. They are designing for a style icon. Everyone seems excited. Heidi continues, saying, "And Tim's gonna take you on a field trip to meet her." Her, hmmm, so I guess that means it's not David Bowie. I love that it's a field trip.

It's time to choose the model. This is new. Heidi brings out the winning designer's model and the eliminated designer's model. Grace was Chloe's model, and Melissa was Kirsten's model. They enter the runway in their slips. Chloe can either choose between the two models before her, OR Chloe can have all of the models come out and she will choose among them. Basically, Chloe gets to choose a model, because she won the challenge. If she chooses Grace, Melissa goes home and vice versa. However, if she chooses one of the other designers' models, I'm assuming that the designer who lost his or her model then has to choose between Grace and Melissa. Either way, the eliminated model will be Grace or Melissa (who is wearing a lot of blue eye shadow right now). Chloe says that Grace has been "amazingly graceful" for her, so she is staying with her. At first, it seemed to me that this set-up was a lot of pomp and circumstance, because, basically, the winner of the last challenge gets to choose whichever model he or she wants -- just like last season. However, this new model-choosing format really cements the idea that the model's success hinges on that of the designer. If the designer loses, you're on the chopping block. So, you'd better work. Goodbye, Melissa!

In the workroom, everyone mourns Kirsten's departure when they see her design in the fashion cemetery. The designers start to toss around names of style icons, in the hopes of figuring out whom they will meet. Nick says that he considers Diana Vreeland an icon. I'm assuming that her death eliminates her as a possibility. Santino interviews that he has thought of Gwyneth Paltrow as a possibility. Zulema says she hopes it is Grace Jones. That would actually be very very cool. Nick wonders if it might be Linda Evangelista. Do famous models count as style icons? I mean, maybe Kate Moss, but that's because her life off of the runway has been so well documented. I have no idea what Linda Evangelista's style is like. Tim enters before the guesses get odder. He tells them that they will meet this fashion icon…at her house. Someone says "yee haw" in a Dukes of Hazzard sort of way, which seems incongruous with the current situation. But whatever.

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