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All Dolled Up

Marla is told by Heidi that her color was off and the design wasn't young enough. Heidi tells Raymundo that his design looked like it was designed for My Scene Barbie's mother. Marla is "in." I'd just like to say that I think the runway dialogue was what was the deciding factor here. Raymundo tried to preemptively defend his design's matronly qualities by saying she was surfer-inspired. That made it seem more lacking, since there just wasn't anything surfer about it. Marla, at the very least, made a reasonable argument about a girl trying to look older than she was. The design still isn't pretty, but it does look older, right? She hugs Raymundo and leaves the stage. He auf-wiedersehens Heidi and says goodbye to Nina and Michael. He interviews that he took a risk and he's leaving with his integrity. I'm not sure I really understand what he means. He's a little verklemt, though, so it could just be the emotion talking. He reminds us that he has "balls of steel." Carry on, Young Balls or Steel Balls.

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