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All Dolled Up

Nick tells Nina that he is an uncle to a little girl and he tried to imagine what he would like to see when he buys her a Barbie. He says, "Granted, I'm a different kind of Uncle Nick." What, bearded? Californian? …Oh. He tried to create a "young, hip, daughter of a European mogul, who went to Capri and hangs out with her girlfriends." Fashion designer/novelist, the line becomes blurrier. Nina says that she likes his details. Lily and Michael also like it.

Raymundo says that he was thinking of a surfer girl. Heidi nails him with, "To me, she looks like My Scene Barbie's mother." To which, he confesses, "What I kept on thinking too, was, you know, a little girl's dream, mostly sometimes, is to be like her mother." Way to sell that, Raymundo. Michael wonders whether it looks like a "Halloween tablecloth." Even Raymundo has to laugh a little bit at that one. Michael repeats that it is "tablecloth-y." He adds that there is nothing "deliciously girly" about Raymundo's designs.

Michael starts questioning Marla in a consoling tone. This doesn't sound good. He asks her to explain the color, and Marla says that her My Scene Barbie is trying to be older than she is. "She's kind of fancy." Michael sees her as "kind of sad." Nina says that the color is "very serious." The designers leave the runway.

The judges like Nick's design from head to toe. Backstage, we see Nick and Santino embracing and wishing each other luck. Heidi and Lily like Santino's dress. Michael adds that the miniature replica looked really good as well. Nina says she is perplexed that no one liked Kara's design, and she gets the three-judge smackdown. Michael says it showed "no aspiration." Heidi, with much disgust, remarks that "everyone has a jean skirt with a ruffle on it," to which Lily responds, "Exactly."

They are all annoyed with Andrae for the "wig thing." As well, Nina thought his design wasn't very good. Michael says that Raymundo's design looked like "Barefoot Appalachian Li'l Abner Barbie." Have you seen the accessories, though? They're amazing. There's Barefoot Appalachian Li'l Abner Barbie's Dream Moonshine Still and Barefoot Appalachian Li'l Abner Barbie's Dream Corvette on Cinder Blocks. Also, she comes with a rhinestone-studded walking stick. Fabulous. Michael adds that Raymundo's design looked old, matronly, and sad, "just sad." Nina also nails Raymundo for not having any surfer influence in his design, though he said he did. Michael says that Marla's design made Barbie look like the "mother of the bride."

The designers return to the stage. Andrae is "in." I think someone spent a little too much time doing the summer musical at the community theater when he was a kid; Andrae cannot walk off of that runway without trotting like a Von Trapp child. Heidi tells Santino that they loved his work and he smiles really big and says, "No you didn't." Then he bends over laughing. Heidi says, "You're in," and he stops smiling. He looks totally confused. Wow. Haven't seen something like that before. He thought he was being told that he won the challenge. Uncomfy. He looks a little bit stupid right now. He leaves the runway in a sulk. Nick won the challenge. He is really excited and says, "My niece will be very happy." He interviews that he is really happy. We see him backstage as everyone congratulates him. Everyone, that is, except for Santino. No, Santino is too busy crouching in a corner, saying, "I can't believe this shit," to congratulate anyone. I'm sure he'll make it up with flowers or something. Onstage, Kara is "in." She goes backstage and hugs Nick.

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