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All Dolled Up

Daniel Franco's design is next. It's similar to his other stuff in that there are tons of panels. It's a red and black dress. The skirt falls right at the knee and is flowy. There are black straps and a black band right under the bust. It's a gorgeous dress, but it doesn't look like anything My Scene Barbie would wear. It's too cocktail party. This looks like the dress that Starr meant to design for last season's "Commercial Appeal" challenge.

Heidi calls all of the designers onto the runway. She calls the names of Lupe, Daniel V., Zulema, Emmett, Diana, and Daniel F. They're all in. The models of the remaining designers return to the runway. Santino tells Michael that he's very familiar with the Barbie "lifestyle." Lily tells him that his design is very "girl-appealing."

Lily asks Andrae why he didn't put a wig on Danyelle. He defensively states that because Danyelle is clearly not a blonde person, the wig would have been a distraction. Michael counters that he noticed her more because she wasn't wearing the wig. Andrae says that My Scene Barbie is about individualism and he was "honoring" that. Apparently, he's not honoring Tim Gunn's request that he not contrive on the runway. Michael tells Andrae that he thinks too much, which gets a laugh from Nick. Then Michael says, "It's fashion." Two words, but they really say a lot. For real -- just put the damn wig on the girl. It's fashion. Lily says that his dress is a little "couture." He replies with a melodramatic shoulder shrug, "My job is not to change your mind. I did what I think is great." To which Nina responds, "Fine. And we're just telling you our opinion." The judges are looking good this season. They're witty when they need to be, but they also sometimes seem to act as the audience surrogate. Maybe I'm just saying that because Nina looks a little fed up right now, which is an exact mirror of how I'm feeling about Andrae. How could he argue about the couture qualities of that design? When was the last time you saw someone walking in a skirt like that? SoHo in the mid-'80s? Elizabethan England? It's not ready-to-wear. Andrae responds to Nina with a "I still, wow, I disagree, like, I can't even say." Well, it seems like you can't stop saying.

Kara says she just went "young" with her design. Lily looks like it's more of a school outfit instead of a "night out with her girlfriends." Michael adds that it looks like a fabulous childrenswear creation -- which is a compliment, but also telling her that it's not a Barbie outfit.

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