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All Dolled Up

Kara's model walks next. She's wearing a denim skirt with a pink fringe at the bottom. The waist of the skirt has a bow on it. The top is a pink striped long-sleeve shirt, with ribbons at the end of the sleeves. She also made a cap for her model. I'd say that the shirt was boring, but no one else here can make a freaking sleeve, so I'm a little impressed. Kara interviews that she is always nervous at the runway shows.

I spoke too soon; Emmett's design has long sleeves. It's a short blue dress, with a low waist and long sleeves. Kind of Nancy Sinatra or Star Trek. It's fairly simple. The waistband is silver and shiny and the same material lines the scooping neckline. The sleeves flare, and it's all very flow-y. Emmett likes it too, and I think we see him smile for the first time.

Marla's design is next, and it's kind of disaster-like. It's just odd. It's fitted well, so I'll give her that. Otherwise, it's a burgundy skirt, really short, and a top that is…different. There's a paisley fabric over the bust and at the waist of the top. The straps are weird and serpentine.

Raymundo's design is up. The dress is orange and high-waisted, with a white waistband and panel on the center of the bust. The straps are beaded, which is kind of cool. On top, the model is wearing a short Chanel-like jacket made of that burlap fabric. I don't hate it. However, the dress looks a lot like John Wade's dress from the first challenge. Raymundo interviews that he is trying to make a point about what he thinks little girls should be wearing and he hopes that the judges get his idea.

Okay, here's Andrae's. I feel that this design falls into a category called ugly. The skirt is an orange, pumpkin-esque bubble. The top is a sleeveless orange hoodie that exposes the model's midriff. His model, Danyelle, does this little shuffle pose when she reaches the end of the runway. I hate it. The proportions are wrong, the colors are wrong -- it's not pretty. Andrae interviews that the most rewarding experience a designer can have is seeing a proper manifestation of what the design was in his or her head. If this is one of those rewarding experiences for him, I say we need to have his head checked out. Yuck.

Diana's design is next. The hooded top is awesome. It has three-quarter sleeves and the bodice is fitted. There is a triangular fold at the right side of the neckline. It's totally singular and really really cool. The skirt is gray with white trim in vertical panels that create a layered look. It falls above the knee. There is a brown belt in the middle. Diana interviews that she liked her design. At the end of the runway, the model lowers the hood of the top and it creates a sailor-suit kind of collar.

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