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All Dolled Up

First is Santino's design. It's beautiful. It's a blend of pink and lavender fabrics; fitted bodice; super-short, layered skirt. He interviews that he wanted to create something that looked like a confection -- hip, cute, frilly, and girly. I can't imagine a pre-teen wearing this. Well, maybe like Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, but, though I liked her sunglasses, I don't think that's a proper role model for children.

Next we have Lupe's design. It's a knee-length olive green dress. It's strapless, with a bodice with lots of seam work along it. There's a red-based multi-colored fringe at the bottom of the skirt. A tan shawl is tied onto the model like a shrug. On the model's right arm is a handless full-length green glove. There's a pink rose at the middle of the neckline. It's not as pretty as Santino's, but I feel like this dress is more appropriate for the challenge. I could see some gawky thirteen-year-old wearing this to a late summer wedding. Or, at least, some gawky thirteen-year-old on a Disney Channel show. Lupe interviews that she feels confident that she fulfilled the requirements of the challenge.

Chloe is up next. Hers is a high-waisted pink gown that ends far above the knee in the front and trails to mid-calf in the back. The waist ends in a red ribbon right under the model's bosom, and the same ribbon makes up the straps to the dress. There are ribbons have a shimmering effect. Chloe interviews that she likes her design.

Next is Nick's design. It is really cute. I totally see his Telemundo influence. The skirt is three-tiered and cut thigh-high in the front and falls to the floor in the back. The skirt fabric is the "psychedelic" fabric he found earlier. The top is a matching green. In fact, I think it may be the only color that could match that crazy print. It begins above the waist in a pleated, horizontal swath of fabric. At the model's bosom, the pleats start shooting vertically, then narrow into two straps at the shoulder. The straps trail down her back and meet the horizontal band of the top. On her head, the model is wearing a scarf made of the skirt fabric. Nick interviews again that he thought about how the dress would look in the box. It has to grab a girl's attention.

Daniel Vosovic's design follows. It is a short purple dress, with a belt that falls low on her waist. The model is also wearing a short vest made of orange, yellow, and green. She has a cloth purse strapped across her chest and she's wearing an Uggs/moccasin combo. It looks like he was trying to create a Native American look. While I'm not judging the design's authenticity, I feel like you might see that on a Barbie. Daniel interviews that he's not sure if the judges are ready for the sophistication that he is thrusting upon them. I don't think he needs to worry about that.

Here we have Zulema's design. It's a really pretty dress. The fabric is a shimmering silver/white concoction. Sort of like lamé. It's a fairly simple silhouette -- tight skirt that stops at the knee, camisole-like top. The top has a lot of intricate seam work. Rachael, her model, is carrying a tiny Barbie purse down the runway. It's a pretty funny effect.

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