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All Dolled Up
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Previously: The designers were challenged to create a design using the clothes that they were wearing. Zulema interpreted the challenge as "create half of a design with the clothes you are wearing," therefore leaving her model's behind exposed to the harsh elements of the runway. Andrae tried to distract the judges from the incompletion of his design by blubbering like a fool. A fool! Chloe won the challenge, much to Santino's rather childish chagrin. Kirsten's design, both bawdy and bourgeois, got her eliminated. A lucky thirteen designers remain!

It's morning at the Atlas apartments. Diana knocks on Chloe's door to let her know that they have thirty minutes to get ready. We see Chloe lying in bed on top of the covers, and there is this lecherously lingering camera pan down her body. Naughty cameraperson. She's cute, though. Chloe interviews that she is really glad she won last week's challenge. She says she'll miss Kirsten in a tone, that suggests that next there will be a giant "but not really." We see a shot of a chalkboard in the kitchen of the apartment. Kirsten has written the following: "Bye Girls! Thanks for all your kindness. Best, Kirsten." Also, she has drawn three figures representing her, Diana, and Chloe. Kirsten's figure is a full head taller than the other two. The "but not really" comes in the form of, "But, you know, I don't think she was the most talented out of all of them [sic]. I mean, based on who has been eliminated so far, I just think it has been correct." That's delivered dry as a bone, by the way. She's not being a bitch. On purpose.

In the other girl apartment, we see an odd scene unfold. Kara, freshly showered and toweled, says to Lupe, "I think we have to change rooms around." To which, Lupe replies, "You just have a lot of nervous tension. And, it's like it's it's it's it's exuding out and I don't think you are handling things in a way that was [sic] appropriate." Kara's response: "It's your nervous tension that you're projecting onto me. I'm so sorry to say." "I have!?" exclaims Lupe. "I've been a nervous wreck!? Oh goodness. You can see it however you like, girl." That's a straight freaking transcript, people. I have no idea what just happened. I'm not sure who was confronting whom. Also, what was the subject of the confrontation? Was there a product of all of the "nervous tension" discussed that we didn't get to see? From what we have seen so far, we know that Kara can get flustered and Lupe is just a little bit buggy. Here, though, it's hard to know who, if either of them, is right. For some reason, even though Lupe seriously freaks me out and I don't even know why (hint: she may have said "it's" two or three more times than I wrote earlier when she was arguing with Kara. It was truly so fast that I couldn't count them), it seems like Kara was trying to put a bitch freeze on her. I don't like that kind of passive-aggressive arguing -- someone is angry but adopts this cool exterior to try to make the other person in the argument (who may be acting honestly heated) feel crazy or irrational. Granted, I don't think I've seen the entire argument, but it's only adding fuel to whatever fire is burning for Kara to be all, "I'm sorry to say." Anyway, Lupe interviews that Kara is always nervous and prone to "elaborate blow-outs," and she doesn't respect people (read: Kara) who "try to disturb other people."

In the boys' apartment, alternately known as the Boyz Room, Santino reads from the list on their chalkboard. Number one: Do NOT cry on national TV for all to see. (He doesn't read it, but number two is "Goodbye Kirsten!") Santino says, "Who wants to bet a beer that he cries again." Andrae just kind of grins and looks at Santino. It's fairly good-natured ribbing. As we see a replay of Andrae crying, he interviews that he has been teased about his breakdown, and he feels that's fair. He agrees that crying on the runway is not an attractive way to react to criticism. "I don't like to think of myself as weak." As this interview is being heard, we see Andrae spreading moisturizer all over his shaved head, which, oddly, seems like the interpretive dance of what he is saying. Right now, I'm feeling that Andrae must lack self-awareness. I'm not sure he realizes what a horse's ass he made of himself. You didn't have the sniffles, Andrae. You were M'Lynn in Steel Magnolias.

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