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Previously: Fallene couldn't dress giant ladies in a way that Kim Kardashian found rigorous enough. So, she went home. Honestly, Kim Kardashian? I guess some people really like her. And, she's pretty. And, I guess we care about her clothes. But, she's certainly one of the ringleaders of our cultural implosion. Put that on your wedding cake, Kimbo.

It's morning at the Atlas and Becky tells Cecilia that she's going to miss Fallene. She hopes that she's OK, because she was taking her elimination rather hard. She thinks that Fallene just couldn't handle the pressure of the things that they have to do in the competition. Wow, that's menacing. Makes it sound like there's some untelevised torture going down. Of course, that's part of the allure of this show for me -- those veiled hints delivered in hushed tones about crazy stuff that we just don't know about. I mean, what? What could it be? We've all been sleepy before. Is that what they're talking about? Because some lost sleep is not crazy enough. They act like it's A Clockwork Orange on this show. Which makes me love them. Julie says that Fallene gave her a great haircut and I can definitely see evidence of that. Becky and Cecilia discuss how they're feeling less nervous and Cecilia adds that she feels like she belongs there now.

In the boys' apartment, on the chalkboard, we see the words "Bring the Bald Guy Back!" Presumably, this refers to Josh C? I wish they would bring him back too. I really don't think he was meant to leave so early. And, though I'm not sure how his Mormonism would affect our relationship, I kind of think that Josh and I had a good thing going for a hot minute there. But, with him gone, Olivier and I can really just focus on each other. Pardon me while I organize my sticker collection and cat posters.

Bryce and Josh are having their morning coffee klatch. Bryce says that the time constraints made him panic, so he'd finish his design then realize it was crap. That actually sounds like the torture. That would make me feel crazy. He interviews that he knows the eyes of the judges are on him and he doesn't want to look like the fuck up. Bryce seems like a fairly nice guy, but I have no idea of who he is as a designer. Up to this point, it has felt as if he was just trying to solve the problems of the challenges.

Here's Bert at the chalkboard and there's a finished game of Hangman on it. Someone lost. Anthony, Viktor and Olivier are grooming and Anthony says that he hopes the challenge isn't making something out of paper or whatnot. Viktor tells us that he feels he made a bad impact on the judges during the previous challenge. He doesn't want to be that guy. So, he wants to show the judges that much like Phoenix, he can be hot. See what I did there? OK, so Viktor. He's interesting. I think he's a genuinely nice guy, but I stand by the fact that I thought he was inappropriate with Bert during their challenge. It felt very high school. But, he's displaying a level of humility here that may have been earned then, so lesson learned? I don't know. I do know he looks awfully cute in his little blue boatneck tee. I'm in that place for this ep, folks. Everybody's cute and I have to talk about it.

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