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No playing around, guys. This is Project Runway and it's starting right now. There's Heidi in a green dress in Times Square having her picture taken. Some girl on the sidelines says that its a great idea, they're really starting off this season with a bang. And suddenly we're backstage at a fashion show. There are designers talking to us and we don't know who they are. We don't know who they are, do we? Have I lost time? Some guy says that this is crazy, it's Times Square. He's apparently a designer and he definitely has crazy eyes.

Heidi greets the crowd in Times Square and mentions that this is the 10th season of Project Runway. Michael Kors adds that the show has had more seasons than I Love Lucy. That observation seems so completely random to me. Tim thanks the audience for making the careers of so many talented designers. Then, Heidi brings out the designers for a champagne toast. Some little dude with an afro says in an interview, "Times Square, oooooh" and makes an upwards pointed arrow with two fingers. I don't know what this means but I'm ON BOARD. What a weirdo. I love him. Everything so far in this minute-long broadcast has been completely disorienting. Crazy eyes says, "Does it get any bigger than Times Square? I don't think it does." So don't ask if you're not interested in my answer. It does not get any bigger than Times Square if you're looking for seated dining chain restaurants, a la Bubba Gump's. For fashion? There are "bigger" places. I mean, Times Square is disgusting. It's like one giant fanny pack. Some guy says that this is better than sex. To that I say, this makes me sad for him. Not that this doesn't look like a fun time, but if you haven't had sex that's better than this, you're doing something wrong. I mean, Michael Kors is present. You're telling me that you haven't had sex EVER that can match an experience where Michael Kors is present? I suggest you visit your doctor and explain the symptoms. It doesn't look like you've got much time left, but maybe we can manage your pain effectively as you slip away. Because you're dying of something is what I'm saying.

Tim and Heidi lead a toast to the new designers. Then, there's some rewind action and it's a day earlier. See what they did there? Always mixing it up. The designers are arriving in New York and we start to meet them. Here's Buffy Jashanmal. She's half-Indian/half-Australian and she grew up in Dubai. Boring! She says that her customer is someone who is always dressed up for the party. Here's Gunnar from Louisville, Kentucky. This is his second time coming to the show. Last season, he was the guy that got cut after they presented their stuff to the judges one last time. He says that this year he really knows his point-of-view a lot better. He and Buffy enter the workroom at Parsons and giggle with excitement.

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