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Previously: The designers created looks for old ladies. Stanley won the challenge. The doomed team of Benjamin and Amanda ended up in the bottom again. Super surprisingly, Ben was sent home. I mean, guys, that dress that Amanda made... I don't know HOW she didn't get the boot. It was truly one of the ugliest garments that has ever been on this show. Seeing the model walk down the runway, it looked like she had been run over by a steam roller.

It's morning in the Atlas Building and Richard is moving to the other boys' apartment. Times are tough and it's time to consolidate. Richard says that he was sad to see Benjamin go, but he's excited about the opportunity to get to know Stanley better. Sounds like somebody's got a little crush. If you're getting empirical, Stanley really is probably the most crushable dude of this season. Tall and mysterious and very serious- he rarely smiles. A friend and I were talking about that recently. And he so handsome when he smiles. Usually, it's a fun thing for me to talk about one of the guys like he's a member of One Direction, but this year's squad is oddly sexless. So that means that Stanley gets to be the focus of my inappropriate, possibly reductive (but I used to moon over former ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo, so one man's reductive is another man's evaluating the subject completely) and slobbery attention. Stanley says to the guys that he thought Amanda would have been eliminated during the last challenge.

Kate interviews that she thinks Amanda will be the next eliminated designer, because she is the weakest designer in the workroom. I do find it kind of extraordinary that she has lasted as long as she has. She seems like a perfectly lovely girl and she's the kin of a rock star, but come on! She hasn't been able to truly think in a creative, confident way the entire time she has been here, with the exception of her dress for Miranda Lambert and I would argue Ben and Tim Gunn had more to do with that than is cool for a real winner. Amanda knows that everyone expected her to go home. She interviews that being "saved" in the last challenge shows her something and she is trying to draw from that instead of feeling like a loser for being in the bottom. Well, that's a really positive point of view to take.

At the runway, Heidi appears behind the scrim with a duck on a leash. Layana is like, "What is that?" Someone answers "a duck." She says, "I know that, but why?" I don't know why I enjoy that so much. I probably do know but it's a latent misanthropy that I like to keep latent. Daniel is nearly jumping out of his seat with excitement. He interviews that he knows it may sound dorky, but he really likes ducks. You're right, Daniel, you sound like a dork. I feel like he has to turn everything into some sort of reverie and it ultimately makes everything lose its flavor. Once duck has lost its flavor, you've gone too far. Because it's delicious.

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