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Previously: The designers had to create resort wear in teams of two, with Michael Kors as a mentor. It was as much a barrel of laughs as you would imagine. Then, it got even better and the designers were required to execute the design of their teammate. Valerie was feeling a lot of self-doubt. Ivy tried to blame Cute Michael for the shortcomings in her design. April won her first challenge while Casanova ultimately got the boot for his old lady resort wear (which, sue me, I thought looked nice).

In one of the boys' apartment, Cute Michael says that it's going to be a lot quieter around there without Casanova. In Other Boy Apartment, Other Michael says that the workroom will be sad without Casanova. Then, he tells Andy that he got "called out by Heidi" on the runway at the previous challenge. He's talking about when she asked him why he was rolling his eyes at Ivy's spiel about why her design sucked so bad, during which she tried to assassinate my boy. We're reminded that he mentioned how difficult it was to work with Ivy. Back in the apartment, with a kind of ridiculous giggle face, he says to Andy that he didn't know what to say. Andy is looking at him like he hates him.

In the girls' apartment, Valerie asks Ivy how she is doing. She says she's fine -- yesterday was yesterday. Valerie reminds Ivy that she was so blasé about yesterday's judging. When they would criticize the colors or design of her garment, she would just be like, "Eh." This makes Ivy laugh. She interviews that there are people that have told her she wasn't talented enough to succeed, but if she had listened to "those idiots" she wouldn't be where she is right now. Hey, I love TV too, but I'm not sure your current situation is necessarily cause for touting your success as a designer. I mean, you've managed to get to the front of a line, but do we even really know what that line is for yet? The jury is out on whether you're in the successful designer line or successful personality line. Other Michael, meanwhile, smells blood and is not done with Ivy. He says that she hasn't demonstrated why she should be on the show and needs to "step it up." Ah, the invocation of the old "step it up." This is serious. He thinks that she needs to play with colors other than green and opaque. "Opaque isn't even a color." Um, that's what we were just thinking Other Michael. He says that, if it were a color, it would be named Ivy. OK, nice save with the grammatical error there.

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