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Previously: The all-stars were revealed. Elisa, who, bless her heart, seems like the sweetest girl, was just not meant for this world of creating clothes that people want to wear in order to look good. She has a bright future in sandwich board-making, and more power to her. But, alas, she was the first all-star to dim. Rami won the first challenge! Sweet P, who I was also glad to see return, was in the bottom two as well and history shows that she has a habit of spiraling, so let's hope that she'll be able to pull this out.

So, I guess as all-stars they're not required to put on a little show at the Flatotel each morning regarding who they hate and how they're sad to see the person eliminated but this is a competition and they're all-stars and plates must be stepped up to and throwing under buses must occur. Frankly, as the late Tim Gunn would say, I enjoy the seriousness of purpose implied by that. We're supposed to be excited about what fashions these guys are going to make as opposed to the drama. Granted, we've got Jerell and Kenley on board, but mouth-flapping as both may be, they proved themselves as competitive in their season. In fact, if Kenley hadn't been such a raging a-hole, I probably would have rooted for her more solidly. Her stuff is pretty cute. But, still, it's like saying that Satan has a good way with fire.

Anyway, we're on the runway and Angela, who scares me with how casual and lovely she is, greets the designers and tells them that this challenge is all about creating a showstopping high-end frou-frou. Anthony makes this sound in reply that's half laugh-like/half defiant and April looks at him with glee.

Angela says that the guest judges for this week know all about the requirements of the challenge. They are Mark Badgley and James Mischka! Wow. Austin says that he has always imagined that his career would be modeled after theirs. I guess he confused them with Lauren Conrad somewhere along the line. James and Mark tell them that the challenge is "A Night at the Opera." Wow. I always just assumed those guys were German or something. That seems weird now, considering that their dresses are really beautiful and German's perpetually, when they are trying to achieve high fashion, look like they are either rying to punish someone or make some money to pay the gas bill. Yeah, that's right. Anyway, these guys are totally, like, American-ish. Maybe Canadian? I'm not even going to Google it. This is freestyle, kids. Anyway, the guys with all of the consonants want the designers to create a couture dress meant to be worn to the opera, which is a big deal. In New York City, you see people pull out their most amazing, most vulgar clothing for the opera. It's truly remarkable. Kara says that evening wear is not her "Papoom" moment, however it is Austin's "Papoom" moment. You are heard, Kara. Did her accent get thicker? Jerell says that he has a lot of respect for Austin but that sweet bird of youth is going to have to bring it because he's going to bring it too and there will be a reckoning of all of the things that have been brought. Wow, they're really setting us up for a huge Austin win or a mighty downfall. It's like The Art of Fielding. God help me if I don't reference that book every paragraph. It's haunting me. They will have a budget of $350 and only one day to make the dress. Austin is freaking because in the real-like world you would have months to put together a couture gown. Angela jokes that they couldn't make it too easy for them and Jerell responds, "Of course not. All-stars!" Guys. I can't.

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