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Previously: This show was amazing. The designers had to create textiles that were inspired by their own lives and Mondo created this pattern that paid tribute to his years as a person living with HIV, which he hasn't shared with his family or many people at all. Valerie's expiration date came and she was sent home, while Mondo won the challenge and the admiration of a ton of people watching.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and Chris tells Mondo as he's trying to wake up that his hair resembles Edward Scissorhands. Mondo interviews that he's won three challenges in a row and is very excited. He seems so buoyant right now. It's almost disconcerting, like someone's holding a gun to his back or he has been possessed.

Gretchen and April are lying in bed and staring silently at each other. Gretchen finally says, "Hear that?" Pause. Pause. Pause. "Exactly." April starts laughing and tells her that's fucked up. Gretchen explains that for weeks she had been awoken each morning by two giggling girls. April agrees that Valerie could talk too much. Gretchen says that Valerie was always thinking about what was going on in her head. She needs some time to figure out her own feelings as well. That's true and all about Valerie talking too much, but I kind of feel like Gretchen has positioned herself to be consulted about everyone's choices. She shouldn't have offered her two cents all of the time if she didn't want people to eventually start asking for it.

Christopher says that the dwindling number of designers (there are only two women remaining) makes real for him the possibility of going to Fashion Week. Mondo says that the stakes are high and he doesn't even like steak. Do you see what he did there? "That's deep, Mondo," is Christopher's reply. Mondo interviews that he's feeling that he has a good chance of winning as the next person. Andy interviews that, since he was in the bottom three last week, he needs to redeem himself in this challenge.

At Parson's, Heidi takes the runway while carrying the lovely black velvet button bag. The designers see this and immediately groan with fear. "Hello," she chirps. There's a touch of evil to Heidi, no? She never sounds more genial than when she's giving someone horrible news. She says that, before the next challenge is presented, the designers will have to choose new models. They at Project Runway feel that the designers have gotten too comfortable. She really ripped the words out of my mouth. That is exactly what I think of when I see these designers -- FAR too comfortable. The models come onto the runway. Mondo gets to choose his new model first. I don't know any of these women. The model who gets the boot? Mondo's girl. Gretchen apologizes to Mondo as his girl leaves the runway. That seems weird that she left. Mondo interviews that he feels bad for her because she probably assumed she'd be going to Fashion Week if Mondo won. You could say she helped him win those three challenges in a row too. This is odd.

But, anyway, she's dead now. Moving on. Heidi explains that SHE will be their client for the next challenge. This should be fun, and, by "fun," I mean, really horrible for the designers. Their challenge is to create a head-to-toe look for Heidi's new activewear line for New Balance. Hey, by the way, Heidi has a new activewear line for New Balance. Do you think this is why she got the bangs? Gretchen interviews that she's feeling good about this challenge.

"Fashion activewear, here we come." I don't believe Gretchen. I don't believe she's actually feeling good. Andy, however, seems genuinely excited about this challenge. Heidi presents six models wearing looks from her actual line. I'm almost uncomfortable with exactly how hardcore this product placement/synergy moment is. The designers sketch then head to Mood with a hundred step-ups. That's my reality show fashion euphemism for dollars.

At Mood, everyone ends up in the same area, which I guess is odd. They're usually all over the place, but they're looking for the same variety of fabric for this challenge. Gretchen interviews that she's not worried about looking for the same fabric that's in Heidi's collection. She's looking for something that speaks to her. In the history of this show, that means that she's either the winner or will get bitten in the ass. Christopher is looking for a bunch of grays. Blah.

They finish shopping and get back to the workroom. Andy and April seem confident about their designs. Mondo interviews that he's less concerned than the other designers about making something that completely gels with Heidi's line. He doesn't want to do that. He wants to make something more cropped and a different silhouette than "a box." Negative emotions towards Heidi's line aside, he seems confident. Gretchen, though always on a super judgmental mode, correctly notes that this line is not intended for exercise. I'd say it's for that niche of mom that needs nice-ish clothes to wear to drop their kids off at private school before putting on their real clothes.

Tim comes for a consultation and he has Heidi with him. Gretchen interviews that she doesn't like Heidi... in the workroom. Wait, is Gretchen married? Have I forgotten something? She's wearing a band on her left hand. What's with all the mysterious marriages this season? Anyway, she's not "sure" if not liking Heidi in the workroom is because she tells people whether they're in or out, but it wigs her out. Tim says that this is an honor to have her there and I'll just take his word for that.

They start with Christopher by telling him that his model has a family emergency and will no longer be with the show. He's getting Mondo's old model. Well, good for her. It's a make it work moment for Chris, per Tim. Heidi asks him if he came up with anything. While he describes his look, Gretchen interviews that she's worried about Christopher because his look is "flat." Sadly, that's a good description of a lot of the work he's created this season. I think he has a lot more in him than we've seen. His look has really large armholes and looks like it could be problematic to keep in place. Heidi reminds him that it's for the busy mom...who needs to be able to grab a latte on the run while barking at the nanny.

Next, they speak with Mondo. He has this short top that's worn over a sheath. April interviews that, though Mondo is using some pink and purple fabrics, his work is dulled down without the use of prints. Without his prints, she says that his work could look like Ivy did it. Damn. That's like telling Laura Linney that, without her voice and empathy, she's Jennifer Lopez. Heidi thinks that his little top looks small and decides to try it on. She gets it on and asks if he can see her shopping in it. I'm not terribly sure what her point is. She looks kind of cute in it. Maybe she thinks it's not casual enough? He says that he can see her shopping in it, because he would. So, she kind of concedes then starts on the sheath. It's see-through. What if she takes off the short top? What is she going to wear under the sheath? It's clear that Mondo is not ready for these questions at this point in the process and is annoyed. He gets a little sassy and says that he HASN'T DONE A FITTING and would she like to try that piece on too. She says "why not?" and takes off the short top. Mondo rolls his eyes and she asks if he's "rolling eyeballs." No, he insists barely. Well, Heidi can't fit the top over her head. If Mondo were me, he'd say that maybe Heidi's not the right size. She jokes about the small head hole and says that maybe a Yorkie can fit its head in there. He says that, yes, maybe he'll take the piece home and dress his dog in it. Other Michael interviews that Mondo is talking to his boss, not his client. She says that he doesn't need to be rude and he says that he's not being rude. He says he's being hurt. Heidi insists that she's just telling Mondo what her worries are, but that's bullshit. She's

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